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Project Size
803 kb
   Environmental Protection Building 803 kb
   Mary Roebling Building 803 kb
   Community Affairs Building Adobe Logo 803 kb
   Department of Transportation Annex Adobe Logo 803 kb
   Pest Control Laboratory Adobe Logo 803 kb
   Bank Street Garage Adobe Logo 803 kb
   South Woods State Prison, Bridgeton Adobe Logo 803 kb
   Division of Revenue/State Police Facility Adobe Logo 803 kb
   State Police Technology/Multi-Purpose Building and Troop C Headquarters Adobe Logo 803 kb
   New Jersey State Police Emergency Operations Center Adobe Logo 803 kb
   New Jersey Public Health Environmental Agriculture Laboratory Adobe Logo 803 kb
Renovation of State Office Buildings 465 kb
   Department of State - Cultural Campus Renovations (Phase 1) 465kb
   Labor Building Renovations 465kb
   Taxation Building Renovations 465kb
   Department of Transportation, Engineering and Operations Building Improvements 465kb
   Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex 465kb
   State Museum 465kb
   Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex – Skylight Replacement 126 kb
   New Jersey State House Parking Garage – Structural Repairs 175kb
   New Jersey Public Health, Environmental & Agriculture Laboratory - Security Command Center & Entrance Hardening 149 kb
   New Jersey State House Plaza - Plaza Membrane Repair At Welcome Center Atrium Lobby 190 kb
   New Jersey State Auditorium - HVAC Upgrades 4 kb
   Taxation Building - Water Infiltration Repair 166 kb
   Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex - Elevator Modernization 59 kb
Renovation and Restoration of Historic Structures 880 kb
   NJ State House Annex East Wing Basement Water Infiltration Repair 71 kb
   New Jersey State House Annex - Air Handler Unit #4 Replacement 71 kb
   NJ Executive State House Renovation and Restoration 154 kb
   State House Complex Improvements 880 kb
   State House Dome Restoration 880 kb
   Thomas Edison State College Townhouses Restoration and Renovation 880 kb
   Old Barracks Museum Restoration 880 kb
   War Memorial Restoration and Renovation 880 kb
   Pinelands Commission Renovation 880 kb
   NJ Executive State House Mechanical Equipment Room Relocation 145 kb

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