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Business Entity Name Availability Check & Reservation - Registration Service
Please enter the information below to check on the availability of a business entity name and/or to reserve or register an available name for use in the State of New Jersey. Name reservations are provided for domestic (in state) business entities and remain in effect for 120 days. Name registrations are provided for foreign (out of state) business entities and remain in effect for one year. When requesting any of the services below, remember to include the appropriate business designator (see examples). Also, you may wish to browse existing business names free of charge on our NJBGS database before placing an order. 

See important note on Foreign Name Registrations.

1. You do not need to reserve your business name if you plan to immediately form your business entity.

2. If you reserve your business name you can not use the on-line business formation. Instead, you must form your business entity using one of our paper-based options. Visit the New Jersey Business Gateway for more information on filing options and fees.

3. Sole proprietors and partnerships do not reserve a business name.

4. Remember - when you reserve a business name, you still must register the business entity.

You may pay for your service request via either credit card (VISA/MASTER CARD or DISCOVER) or depository account. You will be asked to provide payment information as part of your order. Payment information is confidential and will be safeguarded.

We will endeavor to process all complete orders within two business days. Please note that we will provide all responses via e-mail.

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Name Availability (fee = $20.00)
Name Reservation (for an in state business entity, fee = $50.00)
Name Registration (for a foreign business entity, fee = $50.00)
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Please note that we will bill your account/card after successfully completing your request. Your account statement or credit card bill will reflect charges made to your account/card. Also, our e-mail response will acknowledge payment. Again, all payment information is considered confidential.

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