Josiah is where radiance and joy meet! He is all laughs and smiles when interacting with those he cherishes. He lets you know just how much he enjoys your company by sharing his latest sign language expressions.  Josiah is dependent on visual and sensory cues. Nonetheless with each encounter you will see just how amazed and excited he is about life. To watch him seek adventure while he propels down the hall is an invaluable experience. He has great upper body strength and can independently navigate in his wheelchair. TV watching is a favorite pastime and his love of Mickey Mouse cartoons can be contagious. Josiah is truly a joy and a pure delight. A family will need to be comfortable with caring for him now and as he matures. 

For more information on Josiah, please call Adoption Exchange Specialist, Rachel Quiles, at 908-307-9098 or via email: 

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