Information TechnologyInformation Technology

You have 1 new message—the demand for Information Technology workers is growing in New Jersey. Employers in all fields, from private industry to government and the non-profit sector, require IT professionals to meet their information needs. Earnings in the industry are high relative to those in most other industries, and are likely to remain so.

Information technology jobs lie within one of four main career paths:

  • The broad Computer Science Application grouping includes systems analysts, computer programmers, computer scientists, software engineers, and database/network administrators
  • The Management/Supervisory group (e.g., project or technical managers)
  • Customer Service and Support (computer support specialists)
  • Sales/Relationship Management (sales engineers)

The IT field demands strong math and technology skills, as well as the ability to adapt to new technologies as they appear. Rapidly evolving IT needs across the economy require both constant training of new workers and continued skill upgrades for existing workers.