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World Trade Center Attack Deployment, September 11, 2001

WTC photo WTC photo WTC photo
WTC photo WTC photo WTCphoto
WTC photo WTC photo WTC photo

"As a USAR Team search manager, Jersey City Fire Captain Jim Baston recalls approaching the disaster scene with other volunteers. 'As we were walking down West Street, we were warned to keep an eye on one building; they were worried about its stability, the Easton town resident said. Seven World Trade Center fell right before our eyes. A 47-story building. It just fell. It really put a lot of things in perspective.' "

"Kathe Conlon, 48 of Union, is a USAR nurse and first woman to join the team. 'Most of the time I was at Ground Zero I went at night,' she said. 'The site was lit up like broad daylight, but the surrounding office buildings were completely black. Every time I came around a corner and saw Ground Zero, it took my breath away. It was a very sad situation, but I saw thousands of people come together and help one another. It gave you a tremendous sense of faith in mankind at the same time.' "

The Star Ledger, September 9, 2002 "Words and Deeds" by Tom Hester

"I'll tell you, failure is not an option with these guys," says Task Force Leader Jim Reilly, 56, the retired New Brunswick Fire Director.

"Task Force One has five components: planning, logistics, search, rescue and medical. All volunteers can cross components, except into the medical one, if needed, say [Mike] Conlin, one of two logistics managers."

"Task Force One's advance team of or five can be on the scene of any disaster statewide within 35 minutes, while a full team of the minimum of 62 can be there within four hours," Riley says.

Asbury Park Press, September 27, 2001, Task Force One Prepared for the Unthinkable, by Joseph Sapia

"This is a highly trained, highly equipped and highly motivated task force," Riley said. The people of New Jersey need to know that if, God forbid, anything should happen, we're coming to get them." Newark Star Ledger, October 5, 2001, "After 'Hell', Rescuers Regroup," by Tom Feeney

"...the Task Force is self-contained for a 10-day period ...members brought to the Javits Center all the food, clothing, protective equipment, communications equipment and shelter they would need for their stay. The erected tents that could sleep 20 inside the convention center, and they rolled out mattress pads to sleep on...the City of Bayonne sent its decontamination trailers which had showers hooked up to hot and cold water for their use when they returned each day to the Javits Center."

Atlanticville, October 4, 2002 Task Force One Was on the Scene Early, by Sherry Conohan


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