Health Resources and Services Administration

NJ Parent Link is supported in part by project #B04MC25358, Maternal and Child Health Block Grant (Title V of the Social Security Act), Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Department of Health and Human Services.

The breakout categories used within the NJ Parent Link website are designed to fulfill HRSA's twelve designated key requirements for early childhood system building.

These twelve key requirements include: Access to Health Care, Insurance and Medical Homes;
Mental Health and Social-Emotional Development; Early Care and Education/Child Care;
Parent Education; Family Support; Financing; Governance; Family Leadership Development; Provider/Practitioner Support; Communication; Standards; Monitoring and Accountability.

New Jersey Title V Administration

Lakota Kruse, MD, MPH
Acting NJ Title V Director
Medical Director
Division of Family Health Services
NJ Department of Health