About Us

We are a State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety sponsored program designed to provide assistance to employees, members of their families, and the organization for every day and more serious concerns.

Our History

We are pioneers in being one of the first agencies to offer employee assistance to law enforcement in the country with the development in 1981 of the New Jersey State Police Employee Assistance Program for state troopers and their families experiencing personal concerns. Over several years, our program served as a demonstration project for replication by other state, county, and local police departments throughout the United States.

We expanded our services in 1996 from exclusively state troopers to all Department of Law and Public Safety employees and their families. In 1998, we became proactive with the implementation of management consultations and team assessments to encourage positive working environments which helped lessen workplace stress and emotional incidents.

In light of the September 11 terrorist disaster, we developed the New Jersey Disaster Critical Incident Stress Response program in 2002. Regional critical incident stress management teams provided services to first responders impacted by the trauma. Chaplain services once solely offered to the New Jersey State Police were expanded in 2004 to all the Divisions within the Department providing spiritual and character guidance in times of emotional need from various religious denominations.

In 2005, we sponsored the Peer Advocate Services unit acting as our liaisons in providing peer-to-peer support to state troopers and their families promoting a more supportive, confidential environment. Realizing the importance of the mind and body connection, the State Police Wellness Coordinator joined our program in 2006 for a year offering educational seminars on health issues, nutrition, and exercise programs to all employees throughout the Department.

Although we started with traditional employee assistance program services, we have consistently strived to develop new intervention programs to meet the evolving needs of employees, management, and the organizations we serve. We are committed to honoring our past by maintaining a continual level of excellence in the future.

Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
Trenton, NJ

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide confidential services in assisting employees and their families experiencing life issues with the most effective means of identification, intervention & resolution to enhance their health, wellness, and productivity.

Our Vision:

OEOD will demonstrate responsive and distinctive, behavioral-health intervention programs to support employees’ ability to fully realize their emotional, physical, and spiritual potential.

Our Core Values:

Compassion - Commitment to responding with understanding towards others reassuring them, we are sensitive to their concerns and respectful of their special needs in our words and actions.

Excellence - Superior service at all times helping others get what they need, and where possible, giving even more than expected.

Integrity - Steadfast adherence to honest and ethical principles in our relationships with others.

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