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Suicide Prevention Month


This September in honor of Suicide Prevention Month, the OEOD is sharing information on what do do when someone you know may be suicidal.
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Self Discovery Month


Self Discovery: For many people self discovery simply means personal happiness. Think about what sort of person you are and whether your life could be happier. What does self discovery mean to you? Awareness may be the first step in your journey of self discovery.
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Alcohol Awareness Month


This April in honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, the OEOD is sharing information for the prevention of alcohol abuse.
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Workplace Stress: How to Identify and Manage It


Some workplace stress is normal. In fact, a small amount can be beneficial challenging you to meet a deadline or excel in the delivery of a presentation. However, excessive stress on a daily basis can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health.
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Work-Life Balance Program


We are pleased to announce a new Work-Life Balance Program offering free seminars and information fairs to employees in the Department of Law and Public Safety to promote professional development on a healthy work-life balance within the organization.
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