Chaplain Program

The Chaplain Program provides guidance, religious referral, and general character assistance to employees with compassion and concern. Our volunteer chaplains are a team of male and female ethnically diverse clergy representing several religious denominations i.e. Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, and Baptist. They are neutral, nurturing caregivers trained to provide care for emotional stress, emergency, or crisis situations at home or at work. Chaplains are intended to enhance OEOD services by bringing spiritual care where it is needed most and where it can make a difference.

Chaplain Listing

Name Denomination Contact Number Email
Reverend Blackwell United Methodist 856-962-7804 (W)
609-922-2031 (C)
Rabbi Carlebach Jewish 732-296-1800 (W)
732-433-5800 (C)
Father Drury Roman Catholic 908-876-3515 (W)
908-380-3637 (C)
Rabbi Friedman Jewish 917-608-8899 (W)
718-782-3800 (C)
Rabbi Herskovits Jewish 732-886-7300 (W)
732-995-1383 (C)
Chaplain Holden Non-denominational 609-774-0283 (C)
Monsignor Hynes Roman Catholic 973-761-9223 (W)
973-497-4107 (C)
Reverend Jackson African American
973-678-1217 (W)
201-341-9865 (C)
Pastor James Baptist 973-624-6614 (W)
Reverend Jones Baptist 856-365-0642 (W)
His Eminence Kourounis Greek Orthodox 908-301-0500 (W)
718-219-6886 (C)
Monsignor Lowery Roman Catholic 732-741-0509 (W)
609-477-9091 (C)
Reverend Mannion Roman Catholic 856-662-5008 (W)
609-501-1640 (C)
Reverend Petto Presbyterian 609-203-1631 (C)
Pastor Taylor Baptist 609-396-8722 (W)
Dr. Yusuff Muslim 856-459-8385 (W)

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