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Open Public Records Act Request Form

Please fill out the information below to submit your Government Records Request. A member of the Pinelands Commission's staff will confirm the receipt of your request via e-mail. If you do not receive this confirmation within three business days, please contact the Commission's Records Custodian at (609) 894-7300.

*** Important Information about your Government Records Request

*Please select one: Under penalty of N.J.S.A. 2C28-3, I certify that: been convicted of any indictable offense under the laws of New Jersey, any other state, or the United States.

*Please select one: involved in litigation with the Pinelands Commission/and or other entity/entities related to the records I am requesting.

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Attachments: If you would like to send any attachments, please send them to The e-mail subject line must include your name and/or application number (if applicable). The attached documents must be an MS Word file, an Adobe .pdf file or a .jpg (for images). The documents must not be access-restricted (ie., not locked or read-only)