Child Care Assistance
Total Stimulus Appropriation: $2 Billion
New Jersey’s Portion: $34,100,000 over two years
Allocation Method: New Jersey received its share based on the Federal Formula for Child Care Development Block Grant Funds (CCDBG). 
Program Overview
State child care assistance programs are funded through the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). CCDF is a federal program that assists low-income families, families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and those transitioning from TANF in obtaining child care so they can work or attend training/education.

Each State has its own eligibility guidelines. The Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Family Development (DFD), is the designated agency of the State responsible for the overall administration of the Child Care and Development Fund Services Program.

Federal Requirements and Restrictions

  • Eligibility for subsidized child care services remains the same as those under CCDF, which require the funds to be used to support low income families.

Program Eligibility 

  • Families with incomes at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Index (FPI) ($35,200 annually for a family of 3) that need child care in order to work full-time, attend school full time, or a combination of part-time work and part-time education to equal full-time.

Project Prioritization

For subsidy funding, priority is given to applicants in the following order:

  • Former TANF participants;
  • Employed applicants with the lowest income;
  • Families receiving non-public assistance Food Stamps;
  • Families residing in shelters/at risk of homelessness;
  • Families with special needs children;
  • Teen parents attending high school; and
  • Parents attending school/education/training programs

Important Program Dates

Funds shall remain available through September 30, 2010.
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Frequently Asked Questions - Child Care

  1. How will the child care funds help children and families in New Jersey?
  1. The child care funds allocated to New Jersey will be used to meet the existing program needs for child care services.