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Department of State

Jersey Civic Engage

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary of State

Welcome to Jersey Civic Engage

Jersey Civic Engage is a multi-faceted, non-partisan initiative of the New Jersey Secretary of State’s Office. Its mission is to foster ongoing civic engagement in communities throughout New Jersey, because a healthy democracy needs active and engaged citizens. When people have a stake in their communities they are more likely to involve others and have a reason to vote.

Its programs are aimed at facilitating and encouraging collaborative civic engagement throughout the state, with a particular focus on our youth. Its goal is to provide information and tools to increase voter and civic participation by everyday New Jerseyans across and among our diverse communities.

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NJ Alliance for Civic Engagement

A statewide coalition whose goal it is to make voting a sustainable community based activity.

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#TrustedInfo2022 is a non-partisan public education effort to promote election officials as THE trusted sources of election information.

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NJ Voter Information Portal

The NJ Voter Information Portal is a one stop shop for voters to find out about all things election related in New Jersey.

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NJ Census

Learn how to use Census data, and more, to plan for your community's future.

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NJ Ballot Bowl

A Statewide Non-Partisan Voter Registration Competition Led By and For Students.

And the winners are...

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Vote for Valor

Honor our veterans and active service members by dedicating your vote to them.

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