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Current Exhibitions
Hearth & HomeHearth & Home

On View Through September 9, 2018
2nd Floor, Riverside Gallery

All of us live in different types of homes. Homes are a reflection of ourselves and the environment in which we live. This was especially true for the native people of North America. In this fascinating new exhibition, visitors will learn about the homes and home life in the Eastern Woodlands and other environments all across the continent, with a particular emphasis on how each culture had to work with, adjust, respond and adapt to the environment in which they lived.

Hearth & Home

This family-friendly exhibition features a rare collection of house models made in the 1930s during the Works Progress Administration (WPA), complemented with actual artifacts used in native dwellings. The concepts of foodways, ceremony/tradition, and family structure are used to visualize the important connection between house and culture.