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Collection Exhibitions

Natural History Highlights

On extended view
Main Building – First Floor South Galleries

For years now, our visitors have been telling us they want to see more natural history! Dinosaurs! Mammoths! Snakes! Bears!

Well, we hear you, and we want to see all of those great things, as well. We're working hard to reopen the Natural History Hall, but we decided that our visitors shouldn't have to wait any longer. So, we're pleased to bring you our newest exhibition, Natural History Highlights.

Natural History Highlights is a sampling of many of the most impressive, most popular specimens in the collections of the Bureau of Natural History. If you visited the Museum years ago, you'll recognize many of these specimens. However, many of the other featured specimens have never been exhibited! You'll see a wonderful variety of natural specimens, and learn about many of the various sciences that comprise "natural history".

Natural History Highlights will be on view in galleries on the 1st floor of the main building. We're planning to change several of the objects occasionally, so we encourage you to return often. After your visit, leave a comment to let us know what you think of the exhibition, and maybe which specimen is your favorite.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photograph by Riccardo Barros