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Learning Labs and Studio Experiences

Advance reservations are required.
Length: 45 minutes
Cost: $3 per student
Group Size: 15-30 students
per workshop session.
Groups larger than 30 students may be split to rotate through workshops and other activities.

Reservations and Information: Call 609-292-1382 or Email

Digging for Dinosaurs!
Digging for Dinosaurs!
Grades: 2-7
Join a mock dig and excavate real fossils! Young paleontologists reconstruct a model dinosaur skull, discovering and interpreting evidence of New Jersey’s prehistoric past. After your workshop, visit the Paleo Lab and explore Written in the Rocks: Fossil Tales of New Jersey.
Grades: 4-10
Shake things up in this earth science lab with an engineering twist. Digging into earthquakes and plate tectonics, teams undertake an engineering design challenge, building and testing seismometers.
Wide World of Weather
NEW! Wide World of Weather
Grades: K-4
Explore Earth’s dynamic weather and climate patterns, projected onto our new digital Magic Planet, and experience fascinating weather phenomenon up close in this new workshop!
New! Hearth & Home
NEW! Hearth & Home
Grades: 4-8
You live in an environment rich with resources and dangers. How will you construct a home? Our new design challenge workshop draws on the culture of the Delaware Lenape to explore how natural resource usage shapes daily life. Be sure to visit the new exhibit Hearth & Home before or after your workshop.
Lenape Craft Traditions -  Girls Making Baskets
Lenape Artistic Traditions
Grades: 1-5
People of all cultures express their community’s history and ideals through arts and craft traditions. Discover the artistry and designs reflected in objects created by Delaware Lenape people, and weave your own basket while listening to a traditional Lenape story.