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New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives

The Hon. Tahesha Way, Secretary
Edward LaPorte at Social Entrepreneurship Enterprise Development (SE2D) pitch

About the Office

The New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives (NJOFBI) continues to strive toward its mission to eliminate all barriers to funding and other resource opportunities, create greater access for partnership and enhance the capacity of faith and community based organizations (FBCOs) to effectively design, implement, successful programs and efficiently manage the day to day operations of their organization.

With the economic climate that New Jersey finds itself under, the NJOFBI will be launching a pilot project designed to take a creative approach at moving FBCOs towards self sufficiency and generating resources that would allow these organizations to gain access to additional resources allowing them to continue to provide needed services to the residents of this great state.

Not only will the NJOFBI provide resources to FBCOs in the area of services to At Risk Youth, English as a Second Language and Services to Seniors. This year the NJOFBI, will partner with faith and community based organizations to take a holistic look at the strategies that can be employed that would allow the organization to identify approaches to reduce its dependency on government funding while generating revenue in new and exciting ways.

More than ever nonprofit leaders need to be entrepreneurs. The job or operating a nonprofit organization has become increasingly complicated. Nonprofit leaders face government funding cuts and rising demands for performance and serious questions about the effectiveness and appropriateness of traditional charitable remedies for social problems. These changes pose both opportunities and challenges.

Advisory Committee Members

Rev. Calvin Mckinney, Chair
Marlene Lao-Collins
Garvester Kelley, Jr
Lee Zandstra
Rabbi Amy Joy Small
Rev. Floyd White III
Rev. Dr. David Ireland, Ph.D.
Tanya Poteat
ex-officio members
Tahesha Way, Secretary of State
Darcella Sessomes
Nina Mosley

Edward LaPorté, Director

Contact Us


Phone: 609-984-6952



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