Department of Transportation

Current Openings & Application Process

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

In order to apply for a position, you must complete an Application for Employment and submit required documents by the closing date of the posting. Please be sure to read posting section “To Apply” and "Important Notes" for full instructions, additional required documents, and special notes.

By submitting the application you are stating you meet the requirements of the title(s) by the date submitted.

Notes on Application Process
  • NJDOT will not accept paper applications or scanned copies of applications.
    You must complete our new electronic application and follow the application instructions.
  • You MUST have a valid email address. There are many free email clients to use if you do not have one.
  • By submitting an Application for Employment you are stating you meet the minimum requirements of the title(s) by the date submitted.
  • You must identify the posting number(s)/title(s) for which you are applying in the posting number and title text boxes.
    If you are interested in more than one position, you should only submit one (1) application and list all the positions (posting numbers) you are interested in on your cover letter and application (text boxes).
  • If position requires you to submit proof of degree, you are required to submit copy of unofficial transcript or foreign degree evaluation at the time you submit your application. Transcript must indicate your degree has been awarded (unless anticipating graduation in May/December). Foreign degree evaluation must provide course-by-course analysis.
Notes on Recruitment Process
  • NJDOT recruits for Highway Operations Technician Trainee (HOT Trainee, formally known as Maintenance Worker) only once a year in the spring during the month of January.
  • Applications received for application bank titles will be reviewed for eligibility and placed in our Application Bank for a period of six months.
  • NJDOT is required to appoint from Civil Service Commission (CSC) employment lists for competitive titles, when available. Be advised, if selected for a competitive title, NJDOT will only be able to offer position as a provisional appointment pending CSC’s open competitive testing process.
Instructions on how to Apply
Basic Steps:
  1. Click on Application for Employment link above.
  2. Fill out application and submit. Please fill out application thoroughly where applys and attach all necessary documentation.
  3. You will recieve a confirmation from the web page and receive an email for a successful submission.
  4. You will receive emails about the status of this application as it gets processed.

NOTE: For more detailed instructions please click "Instructions" link above.

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