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news release

Contact: Jeff Lamm
RELEASE: September 28, 1998

Vehicle Inspection
Requirements Changing On October 1

New Jersey motorists will have less frequent vehicle inspections as the state begins a 2-year inspection cycle on October 1.

The switch from a 1-year to 2-year inspection cycle is a permanent change that is part of the state’s phase in of the enhanced emissions testing program. Motorists will receive a 2-year sticker for passing the emissions test.

New Jersey is in the process of converting its 35 inspection stations to perform the enhanced emissions test. The conversion is scheduled to be completed by December 1999, at which time the enhanced emissions test becomes fully operational.

"New Jersey’s 5.8 million vehicle owners will spend less time in line as we double the time between inspections," said Transportation Commissioner John J. Haley Jr. "Governor Whitman negotiated with the federal Environmental Protection Agency to have an emissions inspection program that is tailored to the needs of New Jersey and the 2-year inspection cycle is a result of her efforts."

New Jersey is among 28 states, including Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware, that are required by the federal Clean Air Act to implement an enhanced emissions testing program.

The enhanced emissions test will detect oxides of nitrogen, a pollutant that is not monitored in the current emissions test and which can aggravate respiratory ailments. More than 1 million New Jersey residents suffer from chronic respiratory disease, according to the American Lung Association.

The enhanced emissions test is tailored to the model year in which a vehicle was built and factors in the pollution control equipment that a vehicle is equipped with.

In October, November and December, only even-number model year vehicles (year ending in 0,2,4,6,8) must be brought for inspection.

Odd-number model year vehicles (year ending in 1,3,5,7,9) do not have to be brought for inspection. Owners of these vehicles can obtain an extension sticker to be placed above their existing windshield sticker that indicates the vehicle is on an extended inspection cycle. Extension stickers can be obtained at any DMV inspection station (rear retest booth) or agency or at one of the 2,700 state-licensed private inspection centers. The extension stickers are optional but motorists are strongly encouraged to obtain one.

Also effective October 1, buyers of used passenger vehicles with valid New Jersey inspection stickers will have two options with respect to motor vehicle inspection.

The buyer may have the vehicle inspected within 14 days of permanent registration and receive a new 2-year sticker or the buyer may elect to use the remaining time on the vehicle’s current windshield sticker before going to inspection.

Buyers of used passenger vehicles from New Jersey-licensed motor vehicle dealers are cautioned if they elect to use the remaining time on the vehicle’s current windshield sticker before going to inspection. Under State law, unless the buyer waives the dealer’s obligation, a New Jersey motor vehicle dealer is legally obligated to make repairs to a vehicle at no cost to the buyer or return the full purchase price to the buyer if the vehicle fails to pass inspection. This consumer protection will be lost if the buyer elects to use the remaining time on the vehicle’s current windshield sticker and not have the vehicle inspected within 14 days of permanent registration.

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