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news release

P.O. Box 004
Trenton, NJ
Contact: Gene Harmon

RELEASE: January 18, 2000

Office of the Governor

Governor Christie Whitman signed
today the following pieces of legislation:

A676 - Establishes the Fisheries Information and Development Center at Rutgers University; appropriates $500,000 to Rutgers for center.

A1951 - Provides for unlimited length of stay in free - standing special care nursing facilities for certain Medicaid recipients.

A2386 Directs Commissioner of Transportation, upon application from certain municipalities and upon enactment of Federal Railroad Administration regulation, to require railroad company or entity providing rail passenger service to sound bell only at grade crossing; allows for the creation of demonstration projects.

A2640 - Authorizes criminal background checks for youth agency employees, volunteers.

S1506 - Establishes criteria for designation as a children's hospital.

S1533 - Prohibits health insurers that provide prescription benefits from imposing different terms and conditions based on type of pharmacy.

S2008 - Reduces surcharges to Second Injury Fund.

S456 - Increases number of public members of the HMFA.

A1341 - Permits enforcement of seat belt law as primary action.

A1572 - Places time limit on processing of parking tickets; establishes "proper itemized receipt" for evidencing payment of motor vehicle fine.

S1751 - Clarifies assessment of penalties for construction code violations during periods of appeal.

A2328 - Enhances retirement benefits for PFRS members.

A2335 - Makes throwing bodily fluid at a county correction officer, juvenile detention officer, any sheriff, undersheriff or sheriff's officer or any law enforcement officer an aggravated assault.

A2480 - Permits local government employers to continue health benefits coverage for certain retirees.

A2824 - Authorizes additional purposes for which certain insurance funds may be established or used by a local unit.

A2825 - Expands the types of insurance authorized for school board joint insurance funds.

A3280 - Abolishes Division of State Museum; establishes New Jersey State Museum as entity in Department of State governed by board of trustees.

A3290 - Provides regionalization incentive aid for certain school districts.

A3336 - Makes FY2000 supplemental appropriations of $9,390,000 from the General Fund and amends certain language provisions. The Governor line item vetoed this bill.

A3519 - Revises and strengthens various laws concerning public contracting.

ACS for

A-671 - Revises allocation of Clean Communities Account.

S1345 - Establishes registration fees for certain private passenger vans and noncommercial trucks equipped with mechanical devices for handicapped.

S1622 - Permits payment of parking and traffic fines in installments over 12 months.

S1750 - Establishes technology verification program administered and implemented by DEP and New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology; appropriates $95,000.

S799 - Requires carrier which offer managed care plans to permit covered person to continue treatments for limited time with a physician no longer employed by or under contract with the carrier for certain health conditions.

A1586 - Denies custody and visitation rights to a minor child by individuals convicted of certain crimes.

A1590 - Imposes illegal occupancy fine to reimburse tuition cost.

A2316 - Allows persons convicted of certain drug offenses who are admitted into residential drug treatment to qualify for WFNJ and other benefits.

A3105 - Requires State Board of Nursing to regulate unlicensed assistive personnel and Commissioner of Health and Senior Services to adopt regulations governing their use by health care facilities.

A6 - Grants exempt organizations status under the sales tax to National Guard, Marine Corps League, and war veterans' post or associations; creates a Sales and Use Tax Review Commission.

S1433 - Clarifies procedures in civil actions alleging sexual abuse.

S1577 - Creates license plates and modifies weight limits for certain tow trucks.

S1634 - Allows certain jail wardens to be in PFRS.

S1676 - Provides relief to survivors of certain slain police officers in an amount equal to amount realized from Mumia Abu-Jamal defense fund concert; makes appropriation.

S1788 - Creates bi-state Greenwood Lake Commission.

S1807 - Provides for uniform rules for revocation of professional and occupational licenses.

S1902 - Allows certain licensed practitioners of mortuary science from other states to be licensed in New Jersey.

S1914 - Supplemental appropriation for FY1999 of $2,100,000 from General Fund to DMAVA to fund initial construction of Mobilization and Training Equipment Site (MATES).

S1963 - Supplemental appropriate of $991,000 to DMAVA to design construction project at Brigadier General Doyle Memorial Cemetery.

S2005 - Authorizes granting of easement across certain DMAVA real property in Sea Girt.

S2094 - Regulates organized delivery systems for health care services and benefits.

S2145 - Makes vehicle abandonment on limited access highways unlawful.

S2156 - Increases number of available beaver trapping permits, and authorizes DEP to control beaver by regulation.

S2171 - The "Interdistrict Public School Choice Program Act of 1999; appropriates $1.6 million."

S2212 - Provides increased representation on receiving district boards of education for certain sending districts.

S2231 - Reduce PERS employee contribution rate by 2% for calendar years 2000 and 2001 and under certain circumstances thereafter.

S256 - Appropriates $74,500 to NJ Historical Commission for study and identification of "Underground Railroad."

S728 - Requires Pinelands Commission to approve reconstruction of single family dwellings in Pinelands under certain circumstances.

SJR50 - Commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and designates November 8, 1999 as "New Jersey State Bar Association Day."

A-788 - Permits five-year reappointments of certified county purchasing officials.

S-1751 - Clarifies assessment of penalties for construction code violations during periods of appeal.

A3588 - Requires State Health Benefits Program to provide certain mental health benefits under the same terms and conditions as for other illnesses and diseases.

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