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news release

P.O. Box 600
Trenton, NJ

Contact: Dana Sullivan

RELEASE: June 11, 2002

Interstate truck renewal now online

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Services is now offering on-line registration renewal for trucks enrolled in the International Registration Plan (IRP).

“This is a step in the right direction, providing greatly improved service at a reasonable cost. Truck owners now have the option of not taking their valuable time to drive to Trenton to renew their registrations,” Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox said.

IRP is a cooperative agreement for registering vehicles that travel interstate. Truck owners pay a fee in their base state (or Canadian province) rather than in every state or province in which they travel. The fee formula takes into account the miles traveled in each state and the registration fees of those states. That payment is then distributed, or “apportioned,” to the states and provinces through IRP Inc., a subsidiary of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).

There are some 60,000 such trucks in New Jersey, owned by about 20,000 corporations and individuals.

Until now, IRP vehicle owners had to drive to Trenton to renew their registrations, or engage in a four-step transaction by mail. Now they have the option of using a page within the Motor Vehicle Services web site.

If they choose not to pay by credit card (and pay the 2.5% service fee), they can use the web site to calculate and print out their bills and pay by check.

Similar to AccessDMV – the online registration renewal for private passenger vehicles – each IRP renewal notice includes a PIN. After logging on to the web site, owners will be asked for that PIN and their account numbers. Then they fill in the mileage for each state, and then their asked if they want to pay by credit card information and pay the 2.5% fee. If they do, then they submit their credit card information. If they don’t they can print out the bill and pay by mail.

Credit card payments are recorded in the database in real time. As soon as the transaction occurs, the DMV registration database is updated.

Whether owners pay by mail or by credit card, renewal credentials are mailed within seven days of the state’s receipt of payment.

IRP vehicle owners who do not wish to use the online service can still obtain forms from the web site.

The service is supported by fees paid to Official Payments Corporation, the state’s contractor for online bill payment. The work done for MVS is part of OPC’s contract with Treasury.

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