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Statutory Authority/Rules and Regulations

Current Rules

The rules of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) are found in Title 16 of the New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C.) Rules expire every seven years and must be re-adopted (with or without amendment) or allowed to expire.

Searchable online versions of the rules can be found at http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/njcode.

A list of the Departmentís rules is found below. The Motor Vehicle Commission's rule describing the process to obtain permits for overdimensional or overweight vehicles is also included.

MVC - Motor Vehicle Commission
N/A - Non Applicable
NJDOT - New Jersey Department of Transportation
NJMPDPC - New Jersey Maritime Pilot and Docking Pilot Commission

Title 13
Subchapter Name
13:18-1 Permits for Overdimensional or Overweight Vehicles
Title 16
Subchapter Name
16:1 Reserved N/A
16:1A Administration, Organization, Records Management and Information Requests NJDOT
16:1B Disability Discrimination Grievance Procedure NJDOT
16:2-4 Reserved N/A
16:5 Compensation of Condemnees for Income Loss Resulting from Harvesting of Standing Crops NJDOT
16:6 Relocation Assistance NJDOT
16:7-20 Reserved N/A
16:20A County Local Aid NJDOT
16:20B Municipal Local Aid NJDOT
16:21-24 Reserved N/A
16:25 Utility Accommodation NJDOT
16:25A Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Standards NJDOT
16:26 Motorized Bicycles NJDOT
16:27 Traffic Regulations and Standards for Traffic Control Devices NJDOT
16:28-31A Reserved N/A
16:32 Truck Access NJDOT
16:33-37 Reserved N/A
16:38 Roadside, Drainage, Unusual and Disaster Maintenance
(pdf 31k)
16:39 Reserved N/A
16:40 Charitable Solicitation on Roadways NJDOT
16:41 Highway Occupancy Permits NJDOT
16:41A Reserved N/A
16:41B Newspaper Boxes on State Highway Right-of-Way NJDOT
16:41C Roadside Sign Control and Outdoor Advertising NJDOT
16:41D Tourist Oriented Directional Signs Program (TODS) NJDOT
16:41E Specific Service Sign (Logo) Program NJDOT
16:41F Vegetation Canopy Management NJDOT
16:42 Sponsorship Program NJDOT
16:43 Junkyards Adjacent to the Interstate and National Highway Systems NJDOT
16:44 Construction Services NJDOT
16:44A Contracts for Professional Services NJDOT
16:45 Reserved NJDOT
16:46 Drawbridge Operations NJDOT
16:47 State Highway Access Management Code
16:48 Reserved N/A
16:49 Transportation of Hazardous Materials NJDOT
16:50 Reserved NJDOT
16:51 Practices and Procedures Before the Office of Regulatory Affairs MVC
16:52 Autobus and Trolley MVC
16:53 Autobuses MVC
16:53A Bus Safety Compliance Oversight, Enforcement, Out-of-Service Violations and Penalties MVC
16:53B Jurisdictional Assignments for Railroad Overhead Bridges NJDOT
16:53C Rail Freight Assistance Program NJDOT
16:53D Zone of Rate Freedom MVC
16:53E Fixed Guideway Systems State Safety and Security Oversight NJDOT
16:54 Licensing of Aeronautical Facilities NJDOT
16:55 Licensing of Aeronautical Activities NJDOT
16:56 Airport Grant and Loan Program NJDOT
16:57-58 Reserved N/A
16:59 Air Races, Meets, and Exhibitions NJDOT
16:60 Aeronautical Investigation and Enforcement NJDOT
16:61 Reserved N/A
16:62 Air Safety and Zoning
Appendix - N.J.A.C. 16:62
16:63 I BOAT NJ Program NJDOT
16:64 Rules of the New Jersey Maritime Pilot and Docking Pilot Commission NJMPDPC
16:65 Transportation Utilities NJDOT
16:66-71 Reserved N/A
16:72 NJ TRANSIT Procurement Policies and Procedures NJT
16:73 Reduced Fare Transportation Program for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities NJT
16:74 Procedure for Claims NJT
16:75-76 Reserved N/A
16:77 Use or Occupancy of NJ TRANSIT-Owned Property NJT
16:78 Reserved N/A
16:79 Background Checks for Non-Criminal Matters NJT
16:80-82 Reserved N/A
16:83 Conduct and Safety of the Public in the Use of NJ TRANSIT Equipment and Facilities NJT
16:84-85 Reserved N/A
16:86 Advertising Standards NJT
16:87 Proof of Payment NJT
16:88 Reserved N/A
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