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Solicitations for Technical Proposals

The New Jersey Department of Transportation, Bureau of Professional Services, has converted to an electronic technical proposal submission process using Bid Express through Info Tech.

To view On-Time Submissions, click on the TP Number, sign into Bid Express, navigate to the correct NJDOT TP and scroll down to the "Apparent Bids" Section

TP Number Posting Date Project Type Project Description Status Due Date
TP-288 12/5/19


S-1 Level A

(5) - Statewide Surveying Services Term Agreements Advertised 1/9/20
TP-287 12/3/19

Construction Inspection

C-6 Level A

River Road, Bridge Over Raritan Valley Railroad, Emergency Bridge Replacement Advertised 12/19/19
TP-286 11/19/19

Structural Evaluation

I-1 Level A

(1) - SBE Set-Aside Minor Bridge Inspection Project Advertised 12/10/19
TP-285 11/19/19

Structural Evaluation

I-1 Level A

(2) - Minor Bridge Inspection Projects Advertised 12/10/19
TP-283 11/14/19

B-1 Level C

H-1 Level B

T-1 Level A

Route 73 & Ramp G, Bridge over Route 130
(Federally Funded)

Questions and Answers
Advertised 12/12/19
TP-281 9/19/19 Construction Inspection
C-6 Level A
(4) - Operations Construction Inspection Services Term Agreements

Questions and Answers
Pending Selection 10/10/19
TP-280 9/17/19 Design
E-2 Level A
Smart Moves 2020

Questions and Answers
Pending Selection 10/22/19
TP-276 9/9/19 Construction Inspection
C-6 Level A
Route 130 Charleston Road/Cooper Street to Crafts Creek

Questions and Answers
Pending Selection 10/8/19
TP-271 7/9/19 Design
H-1 Level A
T-1 Level A
Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Design Assistance Program 2018

Questions and Answers
Pending Selection 7/30/19

In the event the NJDOT Procurement office is closed due to inclement weather on the day technical proposals are due, an extension of time, if any, will be indicated on Bid Express. There is no ability to submit a proposal after the closing date/time on Bid Express.

How to View a Solicitation for Technical Proposals

New solicitations for Technical Proposals are posted on the Professional Services website on Tuesdays and Thursdays. By clicking on the TP number, consultants will be connected to the Bid Express website where they can download the related New Jersey Department of Transportation TP files.

CLICK HERE to Register and Create an Account with Info Tech for Bid Express. If you are new to the Electronic Proposal Submission process, please allow at least two (2) weeks to complete the registration and Digital ID authorization process with Info Tech prior to the bid submission date.

CLICK HERE for the Bid Express Quick Start Guide.

How to Submit a TP in Response to a Solicitation

Technical Proposals for solicitations must be uploaded to the New Jersey Department of Transportation through Bid Express. The automatic deadline for TP submission is 10:00 AM on the closing date of the solicitation.

All TP's must be addressed to the Manager, Professional Services.

The file name format for uploading your submission shall be as follows:


(TP *dash* XXX *Space* FIRM NAME)

XXX = The TP Solicitation Number

FIRM NAME = Your Company Name

NOTE: Mandatory Forms must be uploaded separately from consultant technical proposals in the Required Document List Section of Bid Express.  Failure to include these forms with the consultant’s submission shall deem the bid non-responsive.

Last updated date: December 5, 2019 10:20 AM