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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the requirement for submission of Certified Payrolls is to submit it to the Department's Contract Manager, is it acceptable for subconsultants to submit them directly to the Department's Contract Manager and NOT to the prime consultant for whom they are working?
No. Since agreements are negotiated with the Prime Consultant and the executed agreement is only with the Prime Consultant, the proper chain of custody for Subconsultant certified payrolls are through the Prime Consultant to the Project/Contract Manager.

As an alternative, Certified Payroll for primes and subs can be submitted directly to Professional Services.
Does the Certified Payroll need to list EVERY employee of the firm, or is it sufficient to only list those employees who will be working under the particular agreement or prequalification package in question?
Firms should list only those employees who will be working under the particular agreement or prequalifcation in question. There is no need to list every employee. However, a firms entire roster can be included.
If the Certified Payroll is limited to only those employees expected to work under the particular agreement, is it still appropriate to show the Average Wage Rates by ASCE Grade that apply to ALL employees of a firm in that Grade?
If the firm is undecided about which employee will perform the work on a particular agreement, the firm can list all its employees within an individual, negotiated ASCE grade. The average wage rate of those employees will be used to estimate the agreement. The firm invoices based on the wage of the staffer that actually performed the work. Team Leaders, who were scored by the Department during TP evaluation, must be used.
I'm assuming we would submit an updated listing for each agreement that has a listing on file should a rate change after the initial submittal on an agreement/task order/CAM or CAA, preferably prior to our next affected billing cycle.
No, since you invoice based on the staffer's actual wage rate.

Last updated date: February 7, 2020 1:27 PM