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Capital Program Management
Snehal Patel, Assistant Commissioner

Capital Program Support
Paul F. Schneider, Director - 609.963.1821
The Division of Capital Program Support supports Capital Program Management by providing quality assurance reviews and administration of advertisements, bids and awards. The Division provides document control of baseline documents and construction and right of way plans. The Division also provides system support (schedules, budgets and independent cost estimates) and utility and jurisdictional oversight to Project Management. As well as performing Value Engineering Design, smart solution reviews, and studies on federally funded projects.
Area SME Phone
Utility Management Vince Martorana 609.963.1825
Value Engineering(Design) Greg Spiritosanto 609.963.1860

Specific unit guidance:
Capital Project Delivery, Utility Management
Capital Project Delivery, Capital Project Delivery, Value Engineering

Program Management Office
Scott Ackerman, Executive Manager - 609.963.1846
The Program Management Office (PMO) is the center for the advancement of project and program management at the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and maintains and manages the Capital Project Delivery Process. The PMO possesses the ability to address Department-wide issues from a systemic perspective using a repeatable systematic process. The PMO includes the Center for Improvement, Contract Management, Schedule and Budget Management, Project Management Reporting Systems (PMRS), Project Reporting System (PRS), Primavera (P3e), CPMCS Cost Applications. The PMO also provides training and development on the project delivery process and project management. The tangible benefits and value of the PMO include improving capital project performance and limiting change to project work, schedules and cost, while improving the quality of capital projects.
#Major Tasks

Manage the Department's Capital Project Delivery Process which establishes how transportation projects are managed. Administrators, User Support, Developers, and Trainers of the Project Management Reporting System (PMRS) Manages CPM Task Orders Provide Independent Cost Estimation and Construction Estimation Support Administrator of the Change Control Board

Area SME Phone
Center for Improvement Robert Signora 609.963.1824
Contract Management Carmen Iantorno 609.963.1841
Change Control Board (CCB) Scott Ackerman 609.963.1846
Project Management and Reporting System (PMRS), Project Reporting System (PRS) and Primavera Administration Pam Szargowicz 609.963.1810
Cost Estimating Jane Liou 609.963.1834

Specific unit guidance:
Capital Project Delivery Web site
Capital Project Delivery, Errors and Omissions
Capital Project Delivery, Risk Management
Capital Project Delivery, Cost Estimating Guidelines (pdf 2.7m)
Change Control Board Procedure
Value Engineering (VE) Process

Design Standards
Warren S. Howard, Executive Manager - 609.963.1813
The Bureau of Design Standards is responsible for creating, publishing and maintaining/updating the Department’s engineering design standards, including the Standard Specifications, Standard Construction Details and various CPM related manuals that are used by designers. This office also provides technical input into a project’s scope, geometrics, roadside safety features (guide rail crash cushions, etc.), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, constructability, staging and project delivery method by performing design reviews on the contract documents. Further, the Bureau provides technical assistance in developing Jurisdictional Agreements and Maps, and provides design assistance to field personnel, as needed during a project’s construction phase.
#Major Tasks
Receive and evaluate nationally developed standards and procedures issued by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and other organizations for incorporation into NJDOT design documents.

Establish and facilitate cross discipline review and development teams for improvements to NJDOT design standards.

Provide Americans with Disability Act (ADA) reviews and quality assurance reviews for capital projects and major access projects.

Determine the geometric footprint for capital projects, considering value, geometric standards, constructability and environmental impacts.

Review and provide comments for all Design Exception requests.

Evaluate construction staging for projects and provide Road Users Costs and Lane Occupancy Charges for contract documents.

Provide technical assistance in developing Jurisdictional Agreements and Maps

Research and respond to jurisdictional requests

Create, publish and maintain NJDOT's design standards, specifications, construction details and various Capital Program Management (CPM) related manuals.

Publish Baseline Document Changes (BDC), Corrective Action Notices (CAN) and Quality Improvement Advisories (QIA) on the Department's web site.

Process and maintain Bridge, Roadway, Right of Way plans and Working Drawings for construction projects and store required drawings after completion.

Administer the FALCON Data Management System (DMS) for use by NJDOT staff.
Area SME Phone
Design Document Management Nicole Einthoven 609.963.1090
Engineering Documents Matthew Schiariti 609.963.1581
Roadway Standards Nilesh Patibandha 609.963.1809
Road User Solutions Mark Hauske 609.963.1832
Jurisdiction John Nettleton 609.963.1862
Geometric Solutions Robert Abitz 609.963.1835

Specific unit guidance:
Engineering Web site
Engineering: Design Exception Manual
Engineering: Road User Cost Manual
Engineering: Jurisdiction Manual for Highway Maintenance & Control

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Solutions
Joseph G. Sweger, Executive Manager - 609.963.1117
The Bureau of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Solutions (BLAES) directly supports the Department’s Statewide Capital Construction Program by ensuring compliance with all environmental requirements, securing environmental permits and providing design and review services for the landscape and drainage aspects of all capital projects. BLAES contains the Landscape Architecture Office, and the Environmental Engineering Office consisting of the Hydrology & Hydraulics Unit, the Hazardous Waste Unit and the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Unit .
#Major Tasks
Provide landscape architectural services and coordinate aesthetics for all transportation projects.

Review and certify to the local Soil Conservation District that the Department’s projects comply with soil erosion control mandates and prepare Request for Authorizations (RFAs) for New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) approval.

Provide technical, design and quality control assistance of landscape architectural items during construction.

Administer the Scenic Byways Program and the Good Neighbor Planting and Roadside Rehabilitation Program.

Prepare environmental documents, including Section 4(f) evaluations and consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office regarding cultural resources to satisfy Section 106 requirements, necessary to obtain federal and State funding for Capital projects.

Obtain environmental permits from State and federal regulatory agencies; coordinate with Green Acres.

Provide hazardous waste screenings, clearances, remediation work plans and technical support during construction.

Track new and changing environmental rules, regulations and laws recommending policy changes. Develop programmatic environmental solutions.

Provide drainage related engineering review and design.

Monitor construction projects for compliance with environmental permits and approvals.

Provide drainage related engineering review and design for Access Permits, flooding studies, NJDEP Land Use Resources Permitting (LURP) permits for bridge and highway projects, hydrology and hydraulic design of bridges and culverts, stormwater management facilities, dams, etc.

Administer all aspects of New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) asbestos surveying and remediation concerns on a statewide basis.

Develop, plan, coordinate and execute asbestos removal contracts from inception through award.
Area SME Phone
Asbestos Services Karl Bevans 609.963.1124
Environmental Solutions Joseph Sweger 609.963.1117
Hazardous Waste Karl Bevans 609.963.1124
Hydrology and Hydraulics Sandra Blick 609.963.1102
Landscape Architecture Paul Pospiech 609.963.1139
Noise Cecilia Gervasi 609.963.1119
Rachel Dekovitch 609.963.1104

Specific unit guidance:
Our Projects and the Environment: Publications and Resources

Highway and Traffic Design
Robert Marshall, Director - 609.963.1667
The Division of Highway and Traffic Design is responsible for the oversight of in-house design projects, preparation of in-house roadway design contract documents, preparation of maintenance work orders, providing survey support, geodetic monument control and Departmental Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) support. The Division also reviews and approves temporary and permanent traffic signals and timings, pavement markings, overhead sign structure and ground mounted locations and sign panel shop drawings, electrical underground and highway lighting and traffic control staging and detours for all capital and access permit projects. The Division investigates and designs traffic control devices at non-signalized intersections/locations related to speed limits, passing zones, stop/yield control, turn prohibitions and weights restrictions and prepares all state Traffic Regulation Orders. The Division is the liaison to the Fernwood Sign Shop/Overhead Sign Crew, the Outdoor Advertising and New Jersey Logos, Inc. (tourist oriented directional signing and logo programs). The Division also prioritizes and initiates pavement and drainage projects for both Capital Management Program (CPM) and Operations. The Division also provides and reviews pavement recommendations and specifications for CPM, Operations and developer projects, and administers skid testing and the ride quality (IRI) quality assurance testing program. The Division also provides data and analysis to support the Department's Asset Management and Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) functions.
#Major Tasks
Oversee the coordination and management of in-house design projects and deliverables of Roadway Design Groups.

Oversee the functions and deliverables of Traffic Engineering.

Oversee the functions and deliverables of the Pavement and Drainage Management and Technology bureau.

In-House Design Group 1

Karalas Ranganathan, Executive Manager – 609.963.1656

In-House Design Group 2

Mike Martynenko, Executive Manager - 609.963.1697

Pavement and Drainage Management and Technology

Susan Gresavage, Executive Manager - 609.963.1683

The Pavement and Drainage Management and Technology Unit includes the Pavement Management Unit, the Pavement Design Unit and the Drainage Management Unit. This Unit is responsible for the prioritization and initiation of pavement and drainage projects for both Capital Management Program (CPM) and Operations. The Unit also provides and reviews pavement recommendations and specifications for CPM, Operations and developer projects, and administers skid testing and the ride quality (IRI) quality assurance testing program. The Pavement Management and Drainage Management Units also provide data and analysis to support the Department's Asset Management and Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) functions.
#Major Tasks
Collect pavement condition data.

Perform pavement skid testing.

Perform ride quality testing on newly constructed pavements.

Perform annual pavement condition testing on the State maintained highway network.

Develop and maintain the Pavement Management System.

Prioritize pavement projects and develop annual recommended pavement program for Operations and Capital Program Management (CPM).

Provide and inform senior management of the condition of New Jersey's pavement assets.

Provide predicted pavement network condition levels under various funding scenarios for Asset Management and Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) purposes.

Prepare the annual pavement report to the Governor and Legislature.

Prepare pavement design for in-house design projects.

Review and approve pavement designs for consultant designed projects.

Prepare job specific ride quality specifications for inclusion in CPM and Operations' pavement projects.

Evaluate and implement new pavement engineering technologies and technical specifications.

Prioritize and initiate drainage for capital improvements.

Recommend low cost, high value maintenance and drainage improvements.

Traffic Engineering

Jaime Oplinger, Executive Manager - 609.963.1602

Highway Design SME Phone
Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Development and Support Rajesh Bhavsar 609.963.1708
Design and Survey, Cherry Hill Chris Otani 856.486.6623
Design and Survey, Mt. Arlington Terrance Smith 973.601.6712
Geodetic Survey and Survey Support Jim Coyle 609.530.2294
Production Management/In-House Roadway Design/Groups 1&2 Mike Martynenko Karalas Ranganathan 609.963.1697
Pavement and Drainage Management and Technology SME Phone
Drainage Management Narinder Kohli 609.963.1714
Pavement Design Robert Blight 609.963.1677
Pavement Management Narinder Kohli 609.963.1714
Ride Quality Specification Robert Blight
Traffic Design SME Phone
Electrical Engineering Michael Gray 609.963.1767
North Region Traffic Control/Work Zone Unit Lee Steiner 609.963.1799
South Region Traffic Control/Work Zone Unit Manar Alsharaa 609.963.1811
Standard Electrical Details, Specifications and Materials Andrey Terentiev 609.963.1790
Statewide Signing Altin Aliaj 609.963.1751
Traffic and Electrical CADD Standards Noel Barbosa 609.963.1759
Traffic Regulations Charles Reilly 609.963.1761

Specific unit guidance:
Pavement and Drainage Management and Technology Web site
Pavement Design
Pavement Management
Ride Quality Requirements

Bridge Engineering and Infrastructure Management
Eddy Germain, Director - 609.963.1423
The Division of Bridge Engineering and Infrastructure Management is comprised of the Structural Evaluation and Bridge Management Unit, the Bureau of Structural and Railroad Engineering Services, the Railroad Construction and Safety Unit, New Technologies and Products, and Structural Design and Geotechnical Engineering.

Structural Evaluation and Bridge Management
Gregory T. Renman, Executive Manager - 609.963.1419
The Structural Evaluation and Bridge Management Unit is responsible for the safety inspections of all bridges in New Jersey (State, County, Toll, etc.). The unit accomplishes this mission through inspection projects using in-house and consultant staff for the State and County bridges and oversight of the inspection programs for the toll agency bridges. When serious conditions are identified, the unit is responsible for the design of the bridge repairs. The unit is also responsible for the inspection programs for the State-owned sign structures, high mast light poles, culverts and dams and the inspection of all county and municipally owned culverts using the CoMBIS system (Inspectech inspection software). Structural Evaluation maintains databases for bridges, culverts, sign structures, high mast light poles and dams. The data is used by the Bridge Management System staff within the unit to identify capital project needs and initiate new project starts.
#Major Tasks
Inspect bridges under the Federally mandated National Bridge Inspection Program (including movable bridges).

Inspect sign structures, high mast light poles and culverts.

Inspection of State-owned dams.

Assess State bridges for use by oversight (permit) trucks and material transfer vehicles using the Bentley Superload Program.

Recommend load posting restrictions.

Evaluates damage to bridges and structures under emergency situations and designs repairs.

Coordinates bridge (and movable bridge) inspection work with consulting engineers, other State agencies, counties, municipalities and private/special agencies including toll authorities.

Maintain computer databases for all bridges, culverts, sign structures and high mast light poles in the State.

Oversee compliance of other bridge owners with Federal National Bridge Inspection Standards.

Maintain a Plan of Action for all scour critical bridges in the State.

Project design, construction and support for movable bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects.

Oversees all design changes and new installations on the State's movable bridges.

Evaluates damage to movable bridges under emergency situations and designs mechanical and electrical repairs.

Manage movable bridge consultant task orders.

Develop, implement and maintain the Department's Bridge Management System (BMS).

Develop new bridge starts for the Capital Program.

Develop sign structure replacement contracts.

Prioritize all bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects.
Area SME Phone
Bridge Inspection Mujahid Khan
Ayodele Oshilaja
Bridge Management System Jack Evans
Harjit Bal
Movable Bridge Engineering Pranav Lathia 609.963.1364
Overweight Permit Review (Load Issues Only) Yasotha Rishindran
Jack Evans
Combined Inspection System (CombIS) Gina Rossi
Jack Evans

Specific unit guidance:
Structural Evaluation Downloads

Structural and Railroad Engineering Services
Ali Najem , Executive Manager- 609.963.1410
The Bureau of Structural and Railroad Engineering Services is responsible for the policies and standards which govern the bridges and structures in the State. The unit is comprised of the Bridge Policy, Standards and Specifications Section and the Value Solution plan review and scoping functions. The unit is also responsible for evaluating new products and technologies for use Department-wide. The Railroad Unit performs Diagnostic Team site reviews, issues orders to improve railroads at grade crossing sites and inspects railroad at-grade crossings throughout the State and maintains the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Railroad Database.

• Diagnostic Team Management and Railroad Safety Inspection
Todd Hirt - 609.963.1397
#Major Tasks
Perform Diagnostic Team Reviews for railroad crossing changes. Schedule and chair the Diagnostic Team Meeting when required. Prepare and issue all documentation associated with the process.

Conduct safety inspections and photograph at-grade crossings throughout the State. Prepare and send out Deficiency Letters when necessary.

Prepare an Annual Program developed from a Priority Repair List based on inspection ratings of surface conditions.

Secure funding and environmental approval and prepare Preliminary Engineering and Construction Change Orders for Railroad Safety Improvement projects.

Maintain and update the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Railroad Crossing Inventory Management System database.

Administer Detour Design Task Orders.

• Railroad Construction and Safety
Charlie Filipowicz - 609.963.1322
#Major Tasks
Coordinate and schedule railroad crossing construction meetings and rehabilitation projects.

Prepare and submit Communications and Traffic Interference Report notifications.

Supervise and inspect construction operations at railroad crossings rehabilitation projects.

Conduct Final Inspection of rehabilitated railroad crossings and complete Inspection Report for database input update.

Review invoices submitted by railroad owners upon project completion, authorize and process for payment.

Maintain monthly Construction Accomplishment Reports for inclusion into the Annual Highway Safety Improvement Program for Railway-Highway Grade Crossings Report and Project Metrics Report submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Close out completed projects. Prepare all documentation and submit closeout package to FHWA for Final Acceptance. Maintain Closeout Status Report.

•Bridge Design Policy and Standards
Xiaohua (Hannah) Cheng - 609.963.1316
#Major Tasks
Develop and maintain the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Bridges and Structures Design Manual and the bridge related construction specifications in the NJDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.

Review proposed changes to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Specifications for the design and construction of bridge structures.

Act as liaison to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Regional Office on issues dealing with bridge design and construction.

Review Local Bridge applications.

Provide Material Transfer Vehicle (MTV) and overlay approvals for resurfacing projects.

•Structural Value Solutions
Pranav Lathia - 609.963.1364
#Major Tasks
Provide necessary support to Project Scope Development in the determination of a project's final scope of work.

Conduct Quality Assurance reviews on all capital projects throughout the design process.

Review and recommend approval for all Design Exceptions for bridge clearances.

Review Value Engineering (VE) construction proposals for all capital projects.

Provide necessary support when requested to Project Management, Construction and Operations in the resolution of field problems on construction projects.

• New Technologies and Products
Angelo Mendola - 609.963.1302
#Major Tasks
Seek and identify new technologies to help improve safety, function and efficiency of construction, maintenance and public travel in the State.

Conduct formal evaluations of new technologies.

Develop new standards and specifications for the implementation of approved new technologies into New Jersey Department of Transportation projects.

Specific unit guidance:
Engineering Web site

Structural Design and Geotechnical Engineering
Vacant, Executive Manager - 609.963.1367
Structural Design:
The Structural Design Unit provides structural design services for the in-house design projects for highway-related structures, such as bridges, culverts, retaining walls, sign structures, etc. The Structural Design Unit provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) opinion during the Concept Development process for the structural portion of in-house projects. These services include the design and preparation of structural contract documents, Quality Assurance reviews, construction shop-drawing review and technical advice for the resolution of construction problems. Additionally, the Structural Design Unit provides technical input on major structural projects and provides constructability reviews for the structural portion of the projects designed by consultants.

Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology:
The Geotechnical Engineering Unit provides geotechnical engineering, rock engineering and subsurface investigative services. The Unit consists of the Geotechnical Design Section and the Engineering Geology Section. The Geotechnical Design Section performs and approves geotechnical engineering designs for highway foundations, roadway embankment/cuts and stability issues for projects in the Capital Program. This Section also evaluates and implements state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering technology for the construction of highway systems and develops technical specifications associated with the geotechnical engineering designs. This group supports Construction and Maintenance Operations by reviewing and approving pile driving systems, test pile driving data, drilled shaft construction and testing data, soil anchor and soil nail construction and testing data and provides general geotechnical guidance for all structural foundations.

The Engineering Geology Section performs and approves rock mechanic designs in support of the Capital Program. It provides technical specifications and evaluates/implements new rock engineering technology. The Section maintains an up-to-date Rockfall Hazard Management System (RHMS) for all rock cuts within the state highway system which is used to generate new rockfall mitigation Capital Projects. The Engineering Geology Section also maintains the Geotechnical Data Management System (GDMS) which contains all gathered subsurface information and provides Internet access. It provides subsurface investigation services in support of the Capital Program by the development and review/approval of subsurface exploration programs and monitoring of field exploration operations.
#Major Tasks
Structural Design:
Perform screening of deficient bridges to decide the scope of structural rehabilitation.

Program deficient bridges for Deck/Superstructure Replacement through limited scope program.

Provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) opinion for developing structural scope of work for various projects.

Perform Preliminary Engineering and Final Design for structural portion of in-house projects.

Manage and produce structural contract documents for in-house design projects.

Provide structural construction engineering services for in-house design projects.

Provide SME opinion for the Design Manual specifications and standard details related to the structures.

Provide Quality Assurance review for major structural projects.

Provide assistance to Project Management in reviewing the Expression of Interest (EOI) and Technical Proposals during the consultant selection process.

Geotechnical Design and Engineering Geology:
Provide geotechnical design/analysis for in-house design projects in all phases of the Capital Project Delivery (CPD) Process.

Conduct quality assurance reviews of geotechnical design/analysis for consultant design projects in all phases of the CPD Process.

Provide oversight and recommendations to Construction and Maintenance during construction phases of geotechnical-related Capital Projects.

Standardize the procedures for geotechnical practice for in-house and consultant engineers.

Provide geotechnical recommendations to Operations regarding highway safety issues.

Provide rock mechanic design/analysis for in-house design projects in all phases of the CPD Process.

Conduct quality assurance review of rock mechanic designs/analysis for consultant design projects in all phases of the CPD Process.

Maintain the Rockfall Hazard Management System (RHMS) to identify, evaluate and monitor rockfall hazards and to prioritize and develop Capital Projects for the Rockfall Mitigation Program

Provide emergency response and recommendations to Operations for rockfall-related events.

Maintain the Geotechnical Data Management System (GDMS) to archive and provide Internet access to subsurface exploration data performed for highway planning and design purposes.

Conduct and/or review subsurface exploration for all geotechnical and geology-related projects.

Provide geological recommendations to Operations regarding highway safety issues.

•Geotechnical Design

Eid Mortagy - 609.963.1371
Kimberly Sharp - 609.963.1348

•Engineering Geology

John Jamerson - 609.963.1370

Specific unit guidance:
Soil Borings Web site

Right of Way and Access Management
Victor Akpu, Director - 609.963.1180
The Division of Right of Way and Access Management acquires and takes possession of real estate for transportation purposes in accordance with Federal and State regulations to support the Capital Program in a cost-effective manner that allows construction schedules to proceed as planned. Right of Way acquisition includes property appraisals, appraisal registration, acquisition through bona fide negotiations, the eminent domain process (condemnation), if necessary, relocation of families and businesses, title clearances and closings. As the real estate arm of the Department, the Division provides related services to other areas with the Department, such as Multi-Modal, Aeronautics and Park and Ride. Right of Way has the oversight responsibility for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in providing right of way clearance letters to municipalities and counties for Federally funded projects administered through the Department’s Local Government Services Unit. This unit also provides for highway access through a permitting process, in accordance with the New Jersey State Highway Access Management Code. It regulates and issues permits for outdoor advertising in conformance with State law and federal agreements. The Division, through the Outdoor Advertising Unit, assists in improving statewide communications systems by making New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) properties available for wireless communication infrastructures through Master Agreements with carriers and site licenses.
#Major Tasks
Auditing of district operations in the areas of appraisals, negotiations and relocations.

Perform reviews of preliminary and final Right of Way (ROW) plans, set schedules and, upon Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval, transmit final project plans to ROW District Office to proceed with the acquisition process.

Review and approve appraisal plans, appraisal contracts, relocation plans and relocation payments. Maintain and update the outside vendor list for Appraisal/Consultant.

Manage all excess parcels in terms of maintaining inventory, leasing and disposals. Review and approve all ROW plan submissions and dedications.

Funding staff is responsible for ROW project programming and funding, database management, full service ROW consultant selection and contracting and procedural manual maintenance.

Prepare and file legal documents pertaining to eminent domain actions.

Obtain clear titles, conduct title closings and provide payments to property owners, all of which result in the vesting of title in the Department.

Update and examine title searches, prepare and transmit title instruments to owner for execution; satisfied property liens, record title documents, secure check and transmits payment to property owner.

File general property parcel maps with the appropriate County Clerk’s office.

Prepare legal proceedings, secure Law Division approval, file pleadings, secure payment for deposit into court and process judgment/award documents.

Participate in preliminary engineering scoping teams for plan reviews, prepare project cost estimates and set schedules.

Prepare real estate appraisal plans and relocation plans.

Contract with independent real estate appraisers and engineering firms to obtain appraisals and non-real estate reports used in negotiations with property owners.

Register fair market value of parcels after obtaining appraisals and independent reviews.

Conduct Bono Fide negotiations in accordance with Title 20:4-2 et seq., and negotiates with owners/agents to obtain purchase agreements.

Prepare cases for condemnation when necessary, process invoices for payment, complete personal service of court documents, relocate owners/tenants from the acquired properties, prepare owner/tenant supplements and obtain relocation cost estimates and handle associated appeals filed in relocation matters.

The Bureau of Major Access Permits is charged with fulfilling the Department’s mandate to manage the regulation of highway access as required by the “State Highway Management Act” (N.J.S.A. 27:7-89 et seq.).

The Bureau of Major Access Permits manages those applications and permits defined in the Access Code as “major” which involve trip generation of 500 or more trips per day. This process involves reviewing applications which seek new access to the state highway system, changes to existing access, or which involve a significant increase in traffic to the state highway system (an increase of 100 or more peak hour trips).

The Bureau logs applications and fees received, deposits checks received, enters data in the Highway Access Permits System (HAPS) database and performs a completeness check of the applications for compliance with requirements, lot conformance and trip limits if applicable.

Review, design and process access changes, adjustments, modifications and revocations for highway improvement projects in accordance with the New Jersey State Highway Access Management Code.

Identify access impacts, prepare access plans, prepare access cut-outs and administer modifications and revocations. Access issues are resolved through notification, informal meetings, formal hearings and/or Office of Administrative Law (OAL) hearings.

Coordinate with Project Manager and Designer (either consultant or in-house) throughout the development of project alternatives. This includes the identification of Access Code implications and the identification/elimination of any potential “fatal flaw” access issues.

The Office of Outdoor Advertising is responsible for the enforcement of New Jersey’s Sign Control Program in conformance with N.J.S.A. 27:5-5 and its agreement with the FHWA. The Office reviews and makes determinations on applications for new permits, enforces regulations through a program of surveillance, and issues violation notices as necessary. The Office also receives applications for and issues new licenses, annually renews existing permits and licenses and maintains all files and records as necessary.

The Wireless Communications Unit is responsible for the management of the program by which the Department makes its lands available for telecommunications towers and related equipment. The unit reviews construction plans, makes determinations regarding applications for approvals of licenses and coordinates approvals through review by other agencies of the Department and the State for State House Commission approval. Upon approval, the unit administers the licenses, including the receipt processing and deposit of payments, conducts site inspections to secure compliance with license terms and maintains all files and records as necessary.

The Wireless Communications Unit also administers two contracts with outside vendors for the provision of Tourist Oriented Business Signs (TODS) and motorist service signs (LOGOS). Administration includes coordination with Traffic Engineering and Safety concerning sign placement and sign design, receiving, processing and depositing payments from vendors, audits of contractors, resolution of denied applications, point of contact regarding safety and maintenance of existing signs and maintenance of Department’s files and records.

Major Access Permits
Elaine Schwartz, Assistant Division Director - 609.963.2467

David Hutchinson, Assistant Division Director - 609.963.1174

Technical Support
David Kook, Manager - 609.963.1177

North District Office
John Miksits, District Program Manager - 973.601.6750

South District Office
Margaret Palmer, District Program Manager - 609.963.1256

Outdoor Advertising Services
Vacant - 609.963.2468

Access Design and Right of Way Engineering
Paul Ignarri, Supervising Engineer II - 609.963.1227

Area SME Phone
Access Design and Right of Way Engineering Mohamed Abouakil
Phillip Boone
Closing Albert DeChristie
Jay Kanengiser
Major Access Permits Kenneth Spiegle
Joshua Idowu
Outdoor Advertising Services Andrew Feller
Richard Thayer
Right of Way North District Office John Miksits
David Merrick
Rebecca Scanlon
Right of Way South District Office Delicia Chambus
Mark Foss
Valerie Brown
Technical Support Paul Diefenbach
Jim Cann

Construction and Materials
Albert Balluch, Director - 609.963.1578
The Division of Construction and Materials (DC&M) is responsible for the oversight of all construction projects in the Capital Program and several construction projects in Operations. After a project is awarded, the project is given to DC&M for administration of the construction contract. This process includes enforcement of all contract provisions, materials inspection and the quality of constructed work. It is the responsibility of DC&M to ensure safety of all who come in contact with the project, along with environmental protection. Of paramount importance is the safety of the motoring public through the various work zones. Led by the Division Director, DC&M is comprised of the Bureau of Construction Management, three Regional Construction Offices and the Bureau of Materials.
#Major Tasks
Oversee the functions of the three construction regions, ensuring that each region operates uniformly.

Oversee the Bureau of Construction Management and the Bureau of Materials.

Responsible for assuring that construction projects are built according to approved plans and specifications and in accordance with Federal, State, environmental and safety regulations.

Responsible for producing status reports to inform the Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management of any issues that arise involving construction projects.

Provide technical assistance and analysis of claims for the Claims Committee members.

Construction Management
Mahesh Patel, Executive Manager - 609.963.1569
#Major Tasks
Review requests to advertise projects and prepares documents for the advertisement of project with Construction Services, Procurement. Coordinates the posting of addenda and answers bidder questions. This section also performs bid analysis.

Perform constructability reviews during the design phase to determine if work can be reasonably constructed and analyzes design to reexamine elements that lead to excessive risk or increased cost.

The Office of Capital Project Safety performs independent quality assurance oversight of project work zone safety and coordinates the use of the New Jersey State Police Department of Transportation Construction Unit.

The Bureau is also responsible for setting standards for safety, monitoring compliance through inspection personnel, publishing construction manuals and the independent review of construction projects for Federal compliance. The Bureau monitors claims at the Claims Committee level and provides support for the selection of consultants to provide inspection services.
Area SME Phone
Construction Engineering Manpower Management (CEMM) Jasminkumar Inamdar 609.963.1572
Capital Program Safety Antonio Rizzo 609.963.1585
Constructability Thomas Kondash 609.963.1829
Contract Administration John Varrelman
Nicholas Lukianov
Division Contract Manager Nicholas Alfano 609.963.1563

Specific unit guidance:
Construction and Materials

Trns•port Software Web site

Regional Construction and Materials
The Regional Construction Units are responsible for the oversight of all construction projects in the Capital Program and for performing the Regional Materials quality assurance program. The Regional Construction Engineer and the Resident Engineer, along with a team of engineers and construction technicians, are assigned projects to ensure that projects are in compliance with the contract requirements. Contractor work is inspected to ensure that all elements of the work, including embankment, pavements, structures, drainage, utilities and electrical work meet the quality requirements.

Field construction forces ensure that contractors comply with traffic interference restrictions and that construction work zones comply with the Department's safety standards. They also ensure that construction adheres to environmental restrictions, that contractors meet Equal Employment Opportunity employment goals and adhere to prevailing wage and trainee requirements. In addition, field construction forces oversee and authorize monthly payments to the contractor for work performed. The Resident Engineer acts as liaison to other governmental entities and the public by coordinating design support services to engineer solutions to resolve field condition problems. The Resident Engineer also monitors the contractor's construction schedule and works to resolve contractor claims and process Change Orders.

Regional Materials personnel perform asphalt and concrete plant inspections to ensure that materials meet the required quality standards. They also perform on-site materials testing for concrete and soil aggregates.

Region North Construction and Materials
Chrissa Roessner, Regional Construction Engineer - 973.601.6655
Region North Construction and Materials oversees Sussex, Passaic, Warren, Morris, Hudson, Union and Bergen counties.
Area SME Phone
Change Orders Sisay Techan
.Jay Rana
Region Contract Manager Richard Arnold
Jay Rana
Field Managers Alexander Borovskis
W. Eric Neu
Philip Petrowski
John Harder
Felix Ulloa
Hernando Garcia
Project Closeouts Christian Warsh 973.810.9141
Regional Electrical Engineer Kennard Luckey 973.810.9151
Section Chief Materials Lisette Castillo 973.810.9156
Safety Engineer Joseph Pennacchio 973.810.9139
Subcontractors Joseph Pennacchio 973.810.9139

Region Central Construction and Materials
Carl Kneidinger , Acting Regional Construction Engineer - 609.963.1598
Region Central Construction and Materials oversees Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Ocean and Somerset counties and portions of Warren County.
Area SME Phone
Change Orders Samantha Nicoletti 609.963.1591
Region Contract Manager David Wong 609.963.1595
Consultant/Utility Invoice Coordinator Priyanka Das 609.963.1610
Field Managers Eugene Raisley
George Carroll
Noor Shah
Kiran Amin
Project Closeouts/Tort Claims Sneha Desai 609.963.1596
Regional Electrical Engineer Ilya Slivenko 732.330.6178
Section Chief Materials Joseph Maloney 609.963.1599
Safety Engineer Roy Francolino 609.610.4870
Subcontractors/Site Manager Coordinator Yogesh Bhavsar 609.963.1597

Region South Construction and Materials
Carl Kneidinger, Regional Construction Engineer - 856.414.8411
Region South Construction and Materials oversees Burlington, Atlantic, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland and Cape May counties.
Area SME Phone
Change Orders Dhaval Jagirdar TBD
Region Contract Manager Frank Prezioso 856.414.8457
Field Managers Darin Thorn
Tom Loftus
Mukesh Shah
Frank Prezioso
David DiValerio
Project Closeouts Lea Volturo 856.414.8458
Regional Electrical Engineer Mario Dominguez 856.414.8462
Section Chief Materials Vacant 856.414.8409
Safety Engineer Dominic Marchesani 609.805.8992
Subcontracts/Utility Agreements Lea Volturo 856.414.8458

Specific unit guidance:
Construction and Materials
Construction Procedure Handbook 2011
Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction 2007

Edward Inman, Executive Manager - 609.530.2307
The Bureau of Materials performs testing of materials incorporated into the New Jersey Department of Transportation's (NJDOT) projects, and inspects materials at the point of manufacture.
#Major Tasks
Testing of materials including asphalt, steel, concrete, aggregates, chemical admixtures, paint and topsoil.

Inspection of manufactured materials including structural steel, precast/prestressed concrete, reinforcing steel, castings and steel coatings.

Maintain the Qualified Products list (QPL).

Nehemie Jasmin - 609.802.4291

•Bituminous and Asphalt Testing
Stevenson Ganthier - 609.530.4286

•Concrete & Aggregates Testing
Hari Desai - 609.530.3667

Specific unit guidance:
Qualified Materials Web site

Project Management
Atul Shah, Director - 609.963.1604
The Division of Project Management is responsible for effective "cradle to grave" control and delivery of capital transportation projects, in accordance with the established scope, budget, schedule and quality management for each individual project. The Division is comprised of four Program Groups who are responsible for the management of projects geographically.
#Major Tasks
Support concepts as projects advance through the Concept Development and Preliminary Engineering phases.

Responsible for Scope Development.

Establish, maintain and manage design and construction budgets and schedules for the Preliminary Engineering and Final Design phases.

Estimate and secure funding for the various project phases.

Ensure quality management functions are carried out during the Design phases.

Oversee utility relocations and preparation of related documents on a project-specific basis.

Coordinate in reaching consensus with interested Federal, State, local and internal stakeholders.

Secure environmental documentation and permitting and coordinates right of way acquisition.

Establish and maintain information in databases (Project Reporting System, etc.)

Team A
Shukri Abuhuzeima, Executive Regional Manager - 609.963.1078
Projects are in the Portway region consisting of parts of Bergen, Essex and Hudson counties and also non-Portway projects in Hudson County.

Team B
Pankesh Patel, Executive Regional Manager Team B - 609.963.1336
Projects are in Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Team C
Thomas Saylor, Executive Regional Manager - 609.963.1081
Projects are in Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Atlantic and Cape May counties.

Team D
Christopher Manz, Executive Regional Manager - 609.963.1029
Projects are in Passaic, Morris, Warren, Sussex and Union counties.

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