Department of Transportation

Schedule and Construction

The I-287/I-78, I-287/Routes 202/206 Interchange Improvements Project has completed the Final Design phase. The construction contract was awarded in July 2016 and construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2016. Construction will continue for approximately three years and is scheduled to be completed in the winter of 2019.

Anticipated traffic impacts

All traffic lanes along I-287, I-78 and Routes 202/206 will remain open during peak hours. Off-peak hour lane closures, including overnight hours will be employed to perform construction not otherwise possible under fully open traffic lanes. Traffic slowdowns on the highways and ramps will be required during overnight hours for erection and removal of bridge girders and overhead sign structures.

One local lane and two express lanes plus access for both Ramp H (I-78 eastbound to I-287 northbound) and Ramp E (I-287 northbound to I-78 eastbound) are to be maintained on I-287 northbound during each construction stage. Traffic will be maintained in two 11-foot lanes on the exit ramp from I-78 eastbound to I-287 southbound (Ramp B). Traffic on existing Ramps H and E will also be maintained. However, during the tie-in of existing Ramp H with the planned new Ramp H , the existing ramp will be closed during off peak times either over a long weekend or during the overnight hours. During such closures, I-78 eastbound traffic destined to I-287 northbound will be diverted to an unused loop ramp, which will be temporarily reopened for the detour. Access to businesses along Routes 202/206 will be maintained during construction.

Construction stages
This project will be constructed in four main construction stages:

Stage I-A and Stage I-B
  • Begin construction on the ramp from I-78 eastbound to I-287 northbound (Ramp H). Ramp H construction includes substructure repairs at the existing ramp from I-287 northbound to I-78 westbound (Ramp A) overpass and construction of the new bridges over I-287 northbound and I-287 southbound includes abutment work and guide rail installation associated with existing Ramp G
    (I-78 westbound to I-287 southbound).
  • Perform the realignment of the ramp from I-287 northbound to Routes 202/206 southbound (Ramp SA) and widening on Routes 202/206. Ramp SA work includes construction of the new ramp during Stage I-A and removal of the existing ramp during Stage I-B, while traffic is permanently shifted to the new ramp. Widening of Routes 202/206 southbound occurs during Stage I-B. Improved signing and pavement markings will be installed on Routes 202/206 northbound approaching Schley Mountain Road.

Stage II-A and Stage II-B
  • Perform inside widening of the I-287 northbound inner roadway. Perform outer widening of the I-287 northbound to I-78 eastbound (Ramp E).

Stage III-A and Stage III-B
  • Traffic will be shifted from the existing ramp from I-287 northbound to I-78 eastbound (Ramp E) to the new Ramp E. Drainage basins and associated drainage connections are constructed during this stage. Construction of the new ramp from I-78 eastbound to I-287 northbound (Ramp H loop) is completed.

Stage IV-A and Stage IV-B
  • The ramp from I-78 eastbound to I-287 northbound (Ramp H) traffic is shifted from the existing ramp to the new loop ramp. The existing bridge over I-287 southbound is removed. The remaining widening on the inside of I-287 northbound is completed where the existing Ramp H had previously been.

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