Department of Transportation

Construction Activities

August to December 2017*
I-295 from Creek Road to Route 42
  • No work
I-295 from Route 42 to Route 168
  • Re-construction of the ramp from I-295 southbound to I-76 westbound
  • Construction of noise barriers and overhead sign structures on I-295 northbound and southbound
  • Construction of retaining walls, bridge abutments, ground improvements, and piers.
  • Pavement reconstruction on I-295 northbound and southbound from Route 42 to Bell Road
Route 42 from Creek Road to Browning Road
  • Shoulder reconstruction
  • Sign structure demolition
I-76 from Browning Road to Kings Highway
  • Construction of new ramp from I-76 eastbound to I-295 northbound
  • Construction of bridge over I-76.
  • Sign Structure demolition
  • Construction of median pier for temporary Browning Road Bridge
  • Placement of temporary Browning Road Bridge.
  • Demolition of median barrier and construction of bridge piers
  • Shoulder reconstruction
Creek Road
  • Curb ramp modifications
Existing Ramp C (Al Joe’s Curve)
  • Pavement widening and roadway sheeting
  • Restriping and reconfiguration of lanes
Browning Road
  • Construction of Temporary Browning Road Bridge and temporary/permanent utilities.
Fir Place and St. Joachim Parish
  • Parking Lot Modifications
  • Roadway and Drainage improvements.
Victory Drive/Willow Place
  • Temporary pavement installation
  • Utility installations

NOTE: Due to the need to maintain the existing number of traffic lanes during peak periods, there will be a significant amount of work to be done at night.  Nighttime lane closures will occur periodically throughout construction.

*Timeframe is subject to contractor schedule and weather.

Last updated date: November 12, 2020 9:17 AM