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Environmental Constraints
Hazardous Waste

The properties within the corridor were inspected for above ground storage tanks, storage containers or drums of hazardous materials, staining of pavement/soil/sediment, stressed vegetation, potential PCB-containing electrical or hydraulic equipment and surface indications of underground storage tanks (fill and vent pipes). Based on a review of the Environmental Data Resources database, there were seventy-one properties within the study area listed on various New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulatory databases. Of those seventy-one properties, twenty-three may have environmental classifications that may have the potential to impact the study area.

According to NJDEP records, four cases are present at properties within the study area that are considered to be on the known contaminated sites list. Further investigation into the types and levels of contaminants present within the proposed acquisition areas will be required once the road construction design plans are further developed.

Potential Hazardous Sites
Hazardous Waste (pdf 495k)

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