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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Mobility and Systems Engineering

Facility Daily Access Request Form

If access is needed to a New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Fiber Optic Installation Facility you must complete the Facility Daily Access Request Form below for each day separately.

A minimum of five business days is required between the date of request and the date of work. Cancellations shall be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. DOTNET access is handled by Information Technology/Office of Information Technology (IT/OIT). Technical questions shall be directed to the Project Manager of the project. If the request is for a construction project, contact the Resident Engineer. Work required to be done on Saturdays or Sundays need special permission. You will receive notice within five working days with a date when NJDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Maintenance can meet on site. We commit to providing a response and appointment in five working days, but the meeting may be six or more working days into the future due to any scheduling conflict.

Future access requests may be delayed if the requestor does not show up on time on the original assigned date.

Mobility Management North
Phone: 201.797.7076
FAX: 201.797.8123
Mobility Management South
Phone: 856.486.6650
FAX: 856.486.6802

Note: All fields within the General and Project Information sections are required prior to submission. Access will not be granted on a State holiday or a day before or after a State holiday.

General Information
 Date Submitted:  
 Submitted By:  
 Office Phone #:  -- Ext: 
 FAX #:  --
 Cell Phone #:  --
 E-mail Address:  
Project Information
 Project Name:  
 Project Manager Name:  
 Project Manager E-mail:  
Check if this project is a construction project
NOTE: Complete Resident Engineer information
if request is for a construction project.
 Resident Engineer Name:  
 Resident Engineer E-mail:  
 Job Number (optional):  
 Field Cabinet/
Device Location/
Specific Location:
 Date of Work:  
 Field Contact Name:  
 Field Contact Cell Phone #:  --
 Meeting Location:  
 Time of Meeting:  :
NOTE: Work hours must be between 8am - 3pm
 Begin Time of Work:  :
 End Time of Work:  :
Location Information (Check all that apply)
* - Signifies additional approvals required
Communication       Cabinets Devices (identify       Type & Location in       Comments area) Fiber Patch Panel
Hub NJSP Bellmawr* NJSP CDU*
Office/Building Remote/Field Device/
      Junction Box
Statewide Traffic
      Management Center
TOCN - Elmwood
TOCS - Cherry Hill Tunnel Control
      Building (TCB)*
Specify Location:
Type of Work (Check all that apply)
Integration Rack and Equipment       Installation Testing Level A
Testing Level B Testing Level C Troubleshooting
Other (describe in Comments area)
Communication Technical Assistance (Check all that apply)
Bring Existing       Equipment On-line Device Field Checks Equipment Manuals       & Information
Fiber Optic Testing Fiber Plant Field       Checks Install New       Equipment
Open Cabinet at       Remote/Field Device Take Existing       Equipment Off-line  
 Expected Length of Work (Hours):  
I verify that I have entered all of the appropriate information
      in the form above.

Click on the "Submit" button below
to send this form for processing.
Clear the Form
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