Department of Transportation

Mobility and Systems Engineering

Interim Guidelines
As required by Corrective Action Notice (CAN) 073, all projects must comply with the current Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Interim Guidelines. These guidelines are also applicable to all Permit Applicants and Maintenance work when an existing ITS facility is impacted by the proposed construction. These guidelines provide a quick guidance to designers seeking latest updates to the documents involved in various steps and processes that are under revision but not made available yet.

In addition to the New Jersey Statewide ITS Architecture (pdf 3.5m) the following standards are to be used for the deployment of ITS:
  • The Stewardship Agreement (pdf 600k) - Identifies the overall ITS requirements to ensure compliance with the Architecture depending on the level of ITS proposed and type of project. Deployment of standard type ITS facilities such as cameras, signs, Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), traffic detection devices will require less documentation of compliance versus new non-standard type deployments. The required documentation reports may be separate or part of regular project submissions.
  • Capital Delivery Process - Provides criteria for scoping and design submissions for Capital Program Management (CPM) lead projects.
  • Transportation Systems Management (TSM) Delivery Process - Provides criteria for the required submissions for TSM lead projects.
  • TSM Limited Scope Project Delivery Process –This process is to be followed by the designers and is available from the TSM Procedure Manual. It provides criteria for the required design submissions for TSM lead limited scope projects.
  • Electrical/ITS Standard Details – ITS portion of the Standard Electrical Details. All ITS Standard Details currently posted via Baseline Document Change (BDC) dated September 30, 2011 are under revision. Please contact MSE for the latest details to be included in the construction plan set.
  • ITS Sample Plans – Provides guidance on ITS plan presentation. ITS CADD cell libraries are available.
  • Controlled Traffic Signal System (CTSS) Sample Plans and Details – Provides guidance on CTSS plan presentation.
  • Standard Specifications and Standard Input (SI) – Subsection 704 of the 2007 standards is specific to ITS, but common electrical work is under 701 and other related subsections must be checked. The SI also includes Designer Instructions for completing the Special Provisions on a project. Prior to using the SI, please contact MSE for the latest changes required to be incorporated that may not be reflected in the posted SI.
  • ITS Material Specifications - ITS portion of the Electrical Material Specifications. Standard ITS Material specifications of various items are available.
  • Standard Pay Items (pdf 266k)
  • ITS Qualified Product List (QPL) - List of materials that are pre-qualified to meet the general Specifications requirements. ITS instructions are also available.
  • ITS Testing Forms - For inspection and operational testing to complete construction of ITS systems. ITS instructions are also available. Sample ITS Working Drawings are available to Contractors for reference under Contractor Submittals and Forms.

Last updated date: January 24, 2020 11:01 AM