Department of Transportation

Status Explanations

New technologies and products submitted to NJDOT for evaluation will always have a status during the evaluation process. The following status categories are used by NJDOT during evaluation:


This product is under review by NJDOT, other agencies (e.g., HITEC, NTPEP, AASHTO-APEL) and/or NJDOT subject matter experts (SME) and operations units.

Demonstration Solicitation

This product has been selected for evaluation but the specific project has not yet been identified.

Demonstration Project

This product is under evaluation on a construction and/or maintenance project to determine its merit. Typically, two demonstration projects are used for the approval and development of specifications.

Approved Pending Baseline Document Change

This product has been approved for future use pending appropriate revisions to the standard specifications.

Not Approved

This product failed to meet the vendor’s claims and/or performed unsatisfactorily under testing.

Last updated date: February 5, 2020 3:32 PM