Department of Transportation

Lane Usage

Route NJ 41
(a) Lane usage for the certain parts of State Highway Route NJ 41 described in this subsection is hereby regulated as follows:
1. In Camden County:
i. In the Township of Cherry Hill:
(1) Left lane for left turns only:
(A) From Route NJ 41 northbound into the Greensward Townhomes Driveway westbound (between the northerly curb line of the exit driveway of the TD Bank and a point 150 feet northerly therefrom) (approximate milepost 12.28).
(B) From Route NJ 41 southbound into the driveway of TD Bank eastbound (between a point 50 feet south of the southerly curb line of the TD Bank exit driveway and a point 100 feet southerly therefrom) (approximate milepost 12.28).

Last updated date: March 10, 2020 11:17 AM