State Cooperative Purchasing Program Survey

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During the past 2 years, have you used the State Cooperative Purchasing Program?

If you have used the Program, what factors were most important to your decision to use the Cooperative Purchasing Program? Check all that apply.
Save administrative costs Flexibility of products and vendor choice
Save staff time Good contract terms and conditions
Lower purchase costs Program staff support and assistance

Additional Comments:

The State is interested in leveraging State and Local spends for lower costs.

What top 5 areas of your current spend would you like to see leveraged?

Were you satisfied with the vendors available through the Cooperative Purchasing Program?

If Not, please explain:

Explain any problems you encountered using the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

What's your biggest complaint about the Cooperative Purchasing Program?

If you don't use the state's Cooperative Purchasing Program, why not? 

What changes would you suggest to improve the Cooperative Purchasing Program?

Are you currently using the Cooperative Purchasing Program E-Portal which utilizes the internet for the sharing of information and new initiatives?
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Would you be interested in attending a training program on how to better understand and use State Contracts? If so, what topics?