This form is only for use by tax practitioners who need to contact the Division of Taxation. The purpose of this form is to assist practitioners with resolving specific tax problems. Please provide all information necessary to process your inquiry.

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Please check your E-mail address carefully before you send your message. When you contact the Division of Taxation through the Web site we respond by E-mail.  If a response is required and you do not provide a valid E-mail address, we will not be able to reply to your inquiry.
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If you are contacting the Division of Taxation on behalf of a client and the inquiry is account-specific, please provide the taxpayer’s tax identification number, name and postal address in the fields below. This is a secure page and if your inquiry concerns a taxpayer account, providing the complete tax identification number is necessary to access the account.

NOTICE: The Division has a statutory obligation to protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information. Division personnel can only access clients' accounts after a practitioner faxes in a completed New Jersey Division of Taxation Appointment of Taxpayer Representative, Form M-5008-R, that has been signed by the taxpayer/client; the fax number will be provided in an e-mail that will automatically be sent to practitioners when their inquiry is received by the Division. The Division of Taxation does not accept power-of-attorney forms. Forms M-5008-R faxed in to this number are not valid for any other matters being handled by any other area of the Division. Likewise, Forms M-5008-R filed with other areas of the Division do not apply to inquiries submitted using this form. Form M-5008-R is available by clicking below:

Form M-5008-R

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Please be aware that this is a secure page so, if your inquiry concerns the status of a client’s tax account, providing their complete Social Security Number or Federal Identification Number is necessary to access their account otherwise we will be unable to answer your inquiry. Also, your client’s Social Security Number or Federal Identification Number is confidential and it will not be included in our reply email.