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Property Management and Construction

Major Contract

The DMPC may publicly solicit the interest of prequalified firms to provide professional services for a contract deemed to be major or otherwise significant by advertising in one or more or the following methods:

- In newspapers;
- In design and construction publications and trade journals;
- By written notice to New Jersey professional societies;
- By use of direct mailings to prequalified firms; or
- Electronic means.

Public notification shall include instructions to specify any special information or experience that a firm must submit by the date and time specified in the advertisement. The purpose of the advertisement process is to promote the competetive selection of the most highly qualified firm or consultant team for the particular engagement. Consequently, evaluation criteria will be developed by the Selection Committee to be used to evaluate the most highly qualified consultant firm or team.

The process for a major selection may include the submission of qualification questionnaires, preliminary technical proposals, technical proposals, site visits, interviews, pre-proposal conferences and negotiations. A shortlisting process will be undertaken in which firms deemed to be the most qualified based on their qualifications will be ranked and "shortlisted." The three most highly qualified firms at the completion of the selection process will be asked to submit a detailed fee proposal. The ranking of the firms and the fees submitted will remain confidential until completion of the selection process.

The Selection Committee will negotiate a final contract with the highest ranked consultant at compensation which the committee determines to be fair and reasonable. Should the Selection Committee be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the highest ranked consultant, the Committee shall terminate negotiations with that consultant and begin negotiations with the second highest ranked consultant, and then the third highest ranked consultant until a successful agreement is reached. If the Committee is unable to reach a satisfactory contract with any of the three highest ranked firms, additional firms may be selected in order of their final ranking and negotiations shall continue until a successful agreement is reached.


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