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NJ EITC Marketing Toolkit

Everything you need for the New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit (NJEITC), all in one place.

We created these marketing tools to make it easier for our valued partners - employers, government agencies, non-profits, and tax preparers – to join us in a concerted effort to raise awareness about the New Jersey Earned Income Tax Credit (NJEITC). It is estimated that roughly one-in-four New Jerseyans who qualify for the NJEITC don’t apply for the refund. With New Jersey’s credit increasing to 40 percent of the federal EITC, and the minimum age eligibility expanding from 25 to 21, more money is available to more people than ever before! New Jersey Treasury and the Division of Taxation are committed to increasing awareness to ensure that this money makes it into the pockets of hard-working Garden State residents who earned it. We encourage you to use some or all of these outreach tools to help us meet this goal.


The NJEITC – A Vital Lifeline

Age eligibility is expanding in 2021

Social Media Messages
  • #YouWorkedForIt. Now file, claim it, and get it. To learn more about the NJ Earned Income Tax Credit visit Spread the word with your friends, families, and neighbors. #EITC #NJEITC #refund
  • Earned Income Tax Credit eligible? Don’t guess. Know. Check out the #EITCCalculator #YouWorkedForIt #EITC #NJEITC #refund
  • More people than ever qualify for #NJEITC. See if you’re one of them! #YouWorkedForIt #EITC #refund
  • If you’re between 21-24 years old, you could be eligible for $215. 💰You do not need to have a dependent child or qualify federally to receive the #NJEITC. Come check us out at #refund
  • Even if you haven’t qualified before for the Earned Income Tax Credit you may be eligible this year. Visit #YouWorkedForIt #EITC #NJEITC #refund
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Last Updated: Saturday, 02/13/21