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FY 2008 - 2009

Capital Improvement Plan

INTRODUCTION (297K) Table of Contents
Commission Members
Commission Staff
SECTION I: Commission Activities (76K) Commission Activities
Fiscal 2009 Capital Recommendations
SECTION II: Fiscal Year 2009 Recommendations by Department (521K)  
SECTION III: Seven-Year Capital Improvement Plan SECTION Section III-A (973K)
Seven-Year Summary of Requests
Department of Agriculture
Department of Children and Families
Department of Corrections
Department of Education

SECTION Section III-B (836K)
Seven-Year Summary of Requests
Department of Environmental Protection
Department of Health and Senior Services
Department of Human Services

Seven-Year Summary of Reqeusts
Department of Law and Public Safety
The Juvenile Justice Commission
Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs
Department of State
The State Library
Department of Transportation
Office of Information Technology
Interdepartmental Accounts
The Judiciary
SECTION Section III-D (860K) Seven-Year Summary of Requests
Rutgers University
The University of Medicine and Dentistry
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Rowan University
SECTION Section III-E (1.02M) Seven-Year Summary of Requests
Higher Education
Rutgers, The State University
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
New Jersey of Institute of Technology
Rowan University
SECTION IV: Project Status Report for Selected Agencies and Commissions 2001 - 2007 SECTION IV-A: Project Status Report (870K)
SECTION IV-B: Higher Education and Institutions 2001 - 2007 (750K)
APPENDICES Commission Legislation (52K)
By_Laws of the Commission (46K)
General Obligation Bond Descriptions (52K)
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