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FY 2016 - 2017



State Budget
FY17 Budget
FY 2017 Budget Detail - Full PDF (3.1MB)
Front (725K)
Summaries of Appropriations (289K)
Summaries of Revenues, Expenditures & Fund Balances (436K)
Department Recommendations (3.2MB)
Capital Construction and Debt Service (185K)
Language Provisions (210K)
Revolving Funds (152K)
Appendices (1.24M)
Other Governmental Funds and Proprietary Funds (460K)
Index (148K)
Evaluation Data (MS Excel) All FY17 Eval Data (1MB)
Budget Summary Budget Summary (1.6M PDF)
Budget Bill Governor's Veto Statement(94K)
Veto Message & Summary (1.2M)
Revenue Certification(37K)
Appropriations Act (1M)
Appropriations Handbook Appropriations Handbook - Full PDF(1.4MB)
Front Section (139K)
Revenues Anticipated (199K)
Legislative Branch (72K)
Chief Executive (64K)
Judicial Branch (74K)
Debt Service (71K)
Federal Funds (189K)
General Provisions (97K)
Other Funds And Accounts (62K)
Table of Organization Codes (78K)
Index (64K)

Department Appropriations
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Citizens' Guide to the Budget Citizens' Guide to the Budget (3M pdf)
NJ Comprehensive Annual Financial Report FY17 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - Full PDF (8M)
Introduction (1M)
Basic Financial Statements (2M)
Notes to the Financial Statements (1.1M)
Required Supplementary Information (1.2K)
Combining Financial Statements (2.7M)
Other Information (1M)
Statistical Information (1.5M)
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