Plan Contacts

For more information about any participating plan, click on a link or call the plan's member services number to speak with a plan representative.

Medical Plan Contacts

NJ Direct and Horizon Plans

Aetna Plans (Aetna Website)

  • Aetna Website
  • Aetna Member Services: 1-877-STATE NJ (1-877-782-8365)
  • Aetna Medicare Plan (HMO): 1-866-234-3129 (for retirees enrolled in Medicare)

Dental Plan Contacts

Cigna Dental Health, Inc.


Horizon Dental Choice

Aetna DPO


Retiree Dental Expense Plan

  • Aetna Website
  • Member Services Phone: 1-877-782-8365/ 1-877-STATENJ

Pharmacy Benefits

Managed by OptumRx

  • OptumRx website
  • Member Services Phone: 1-844-368-8740
  • Medicare Retirees: 1-844-368-8765

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