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Division of Purchase and Property

The Division of Purchase and Property (DPP), within the Department of the Treasury, was created under N.J.S.A. 52:18A-3 and serves as the State's central procurement agency. Our Mission: professionally and ethically procure the best valued products and services, in a timely and cost effective manner in accordance with State laws and regulations, to enable client agencies to meet their objectives.

Special Notices

Date Title
Date Title
02.16.2021 Special Notice, Bid Solicitation Amendment – 20DPP00441 / T3078 – Integrated Tax System
02.10.2021 Special Notice, Pre-Quote Conference Postponement: Bid Solicitation #20DPP00512 – T2742 – Pharmacy State Upper Limit, DMHAS
12.21.20 Notice Of Intent To Join Naspo Valuepoint Computer Equipment Agreement
12.11.20 Notice of Intent to Add Vendor to Cooperative Contract – NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions SHI International Corp. (SHI)
11.25.20 Bid Solicitation Cancellation: 20DPP00447 for T0170 Fertilizer for Farm Use – Department of Corrections
11.12.20 Revised Quote Opening Date for 20DPP00553/T3121 Software Reseller Services
11.05.20 Notice To Vendors: State Employee Receipt of Gifts and Event Attendance
11.05.20 Revised Quote Opening Date for T1087 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) DHS
11.05.20 Quote Opening Postponement: Bid Solicitation #20DPP00439 – T3075 NEXT GENERATION 9-1-1 SERVICES
10.29.20 Bid Solicitation #20DPP00550 – T3105 - Printing: NJ 1040ES Tax Coupon & Voucher Booklets (Supplemental) - Div. of Taxation
09.21.20 Notice of Intent to add Vendor to Cooperative Contract NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)
09.21.20 Revised Quote Opening Date, 20DPP00553 / T3121 SOFTWARE RESELLER SERVICES
07.28.20 Bid Solicitation # 20DPP00474 - T3101 – New Jersey's Replacement Investment Systems Platform (RISP) - Bid Amendment #5
06.08.20 Special Notice, NCPA Master Agreement for Administrative Management Solutions
06.05.20 Special Notice, Bid Solicitation to receive Quotes from software resellers to provide commercial off the shelf software ("COTS")
05.01.20 Quote Opening Postponement: Bid Solicitation #20DPP00475 – T2967 Green Acres Program - Title Searches
03.23.20 Chapter 51 Certification
03.16.20 Executive Order No. 103
03.12.20 Special Notice, Optional Pre-Quote Conference for Bid Solicitation 20DPP00527 – T2955 Firefighter I, II and Hazmat: Awareness and Operations Training Programs
02.20.20 Notice Of Intent To Join Cooperative Agreement - NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement for On-Demand Remote Interpreting (OPI and VRI) and Document Translation Services
02.13.20 Quote Opening Postponement: T2776, 20DPP00443, Police Pursuit and Special Service Vehicles: Sedans, Sport Utility Vehicles and Trucks, with Gasoline, Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Engines
01.31.20 Bid Solicitation 20DPP00531 - T3116 NJ Study on Disparity in State Procurement
11.12.19 Bid Solicitation #20DPP00488 – T3105 – Printing: NJ-1040-ES Tax Coupon & Voucher Booklets (Supplemental) – Div. of Taxation
11.1.19 Notice of Intent to Join Cooperative Agreement - NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement for Data Communications Products & Services
10.29.19 Notice of Intent to Join Cooperative Agreement - Wireless Data, Voice, and Accessories (2019-2024)
10.17.19 Notice of Intent to Join Cooperative Agreement - Information Technology Research and Advisory Services
10.09.19 Notice of Intent to Join Cooperative Agreement - Nationwide Vehicle Rentals
10.03.19 Bid Solicitation #19DPP00381 T2848 - Preventive Maintenance and Testing of Generators
08.19.19 Quote Opening Postponement: 19DPP00353 Audits of Pension Trusts, Cash Management, Agency, and Health Benefits Funds
07.18.19 Notice of Intent to Participate in Cooperative Contract
07.17.19 NJSTART Special Notice, Service Temporarily Unavailable
06.04.19 Quote opening postponement: 19dpp00336 - fee-for-service (ffs) transition consultant review
05.29.19 BID SOLICITATION # 19DPP00365 T2846 - State Health Benefits Program And School Employees Health Benefits Program Plans Office Of Information Technology Website Link Update
04.10.19 Submission Opening Postponement: 19dpp00366 Request for Information (RFI) - State Government Payroll Processing Services
03.20.19 Notice of Intent to Join a Cooperative Contract - Tires, Tubes and Services
02.20.19 Quote Opening Postponement: 19DPP00300 Enclosed Cargo Trailers, Single Axle/Tandem Axle
02.19.19 Mandatory Site Inspection Postponement: 19DPP00341 (T1157) HVAC Computerized System Maintenance Main Office Complex - DOT
01.28.19 Special Notice Regarding T0106 17DPP00046 Law Enforcement Firearms, Equipment & Supplies - Blanket P.O. Award and Effective Date
01.24.19 Quote Submission Due Date Extended: 19DPP00293 T1778 Communications/Telecommunications Cable, Wire, and Associated Products
01.24.19 Notice Of Intent To Participate In Cooperative Contract
01.23.19 LWD RFI Special Notice Answers to Questions 1-23-19
01.11.19 Quote {Proposal} Opening Postponement: 18DPP00259 (T0374) Bar Soap Individually Wrapped for Distribution and Support Services (DSS)
01.02.19 Special Notice regarding availability of Electronic Invoicing in NJSTART
12.24.18 Request for Information (RFI) for Temporary Disability Insurance and Family Leave Insurance Modernization Project
Archived Special Notices

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