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How do I register in NJSTART?
How do I know if I’m registered in NJSTART?
I already registered and have a Business Registration Certificate (BRC). Why do I have to register in NJSTART again?
I forgot my Login ID and Password. How can I access my account?
I get a "BrokerError interface" message when trying to complete my registration:
I tried to register but get a message indicating my tax ID already exists:
Where do I get my Vendor ID #?
How do I get a State contract number?
How do I choose an NJSTART password?
The person who created our company’s profile is no longer employed by us. How do we access the account?
I can’t complete the categories and certifications section; some certifications won’t allow me to check them off:
Where do I send my W-9 form now?
I am certified and noticed the certification section of my profile is incorrect:
How do I select my company’s NIGP codes?
Why did I receive a bid amendment notification from the Division of Purchase & Property?
How can I access an amendment or purchase order in NJSTART?
Why haven’t I received any email notifications about bidding opportunities?
How do I update my remit address?
Why is there a red “Overall Validation Errors” message on my home page when I log into NJSTART?
How do I enter my banking information for electronic payments?
I have not received an expected payment from the State; can you tell me the status?
Why was the name of my company changed in NJSTART?
Why is my Business Registration Certificate (BRC) status Inactive in NJSTART?
What forms need to be submitted with the Proposal? Where can I find the forms?

Can I review the answers to questions posed even if I did not submit a question?  Where can I review the answers to questions posed during Q&A?

I can’t open your forms:
How do I submit a question about an open bid during the Q&A period?
The Q&A period expired but I still have questions:
Can the proposal submission deadline be extended?
When will you post answers to bid questions submitted for an RFP?
How do I submit a quote?
Why do I have to enter $1.00 on the Items tab of a Quote although it’s not my actual bid amount?
How can I confirm that my Quote was submitted successfully?
How do I attach files and forms to my Quote?
What is the status of the evaluation of the Quotes {Proposals} received? When will a Master Blanket Purchase Order {Contract} be awarded?
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 08/21/19

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