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The Cooperative Purchasing Program, established by legislation is the program through which the State extends specific State contracts to eligible local buying units. Cooperative Purchasing is a collaborative effort to obtain benefits in pricing, product quality and contract process efficiencies for public purchasing entities throughout the State of New Jersey.

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

What Are The Benefits Of The Cooperative Purchasing Program

BUYING POWER Save money by using contracts that provide for volume driven cost reductions. By adding your purchases to the State’s contract, the State gains even more leverage to get the best prices and product values.

SOLICITATION PROCESS CONVENIENCE Why reinvent the wheel. Save staff time and related expenses, such as advertising, printing and mailing, by using State specifications/contracts, designed by professionals who have experience and expertise with the products and services sought. Use of State contracts also ensures compliance with new State regulations such as “pay to play”. A purchase can be made by simply issuing a purchase order to the State contract vendor.

QUALIFIED VENDORS AND PRODUCT FLEXIBILITY A broad selection of goods and services is offered through qualified approved vendors. Many State contracts have multiple contractors to help expedite delivery needs throughout the State.

VENDOR MANAGEMENT AND COMPLIANCE Why hassle with vendors. If issues arise with State contracts, compliance staff professionals are available to assist in resolving any contract issues.

COMMUNICATIONS UPDATES Registrants, below, will receive regular e-updates about specific contract awards and specification development opportunities, and other helpful news on cooperative purchasing.

Who May Use State Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Public Purchasing Entities eligible to use State Cooperative Purchasing Contracts are:
School Districts
Volunteer Fire Departments
Volunteer First Aid and Rescue Squads
County and State Colleges
Independent Authorities
Quasi-State Agencies
Independent Institutions of Higher Education

E-Mail Survey

For all public purchasing entities take a few minutes and fill out our online survey to help us improve the Cooperative Purchasing program.

Register Here

Please register to join the Cooperative Purchasing Program and receive important cooperative purchasing news updates.

Register here or go to

How to access State Purchasing Contracts

A list of all existing State purchasing contracts can be viewed at

A list of all existing State Cooperative purchasing contracts can be viewed at

Distribution And Support Services Purchasing Opportunities

Distribution and Support Services (DSS) maintains and operates a central facility for purchasing and distributing goods throughout the State of New Jersey, which is available to government purchasing agencies. DSS provides expertise in quality assurance and specification development. By buying in bulk and distributing to State agencies and other public purchasing agencies, DSS provides significant savings to all of its government customers and to New Jersey taxpayers. Order forms and price lists are now available on-line through the e-portal for those who are registered.

You can view DSS website at

The DSS Customer Service Unit can be reached at 609-530-3308.

Training Programs

The Cooperative Purchasing Team has developed training programs designed to educate local purchasing professionals on the benefits of and procedures for making most effective use of State cooperative purchasing contracts. A series of training events will be scheduled for the coming year. For further information or training requests, contact

Prevailing Wage Requirements

Public purchasing agencies using State contracts are required to inform the vendor of its duty to pay prevailing wages to its employees when required by State law, and to obtain certified payrolls within ten days of the contractors’ or subcontractors’ payday. Further information on prevailing wage rates is at

Employers are required to pay prevailing wages, as determined by the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development, when the contracted services are for “public work” defined as construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, repair work or maintenance work including painting and decorating, paid for in whole or part out of public funds. The prevailing wage requirements also apply, whether or not the work is paid for from public funds, if at the time the contract is entered into: (1) not less than 55 percent of the property or premises is leased by a public body or is subject to an agreement to be subsequently leased by the public body, and (2) the portion of the property or premises leased or to be leased measures more than 20,000 square feet.

The total value of the project must be at least $11,892 if the work is being done for a municipality or $2,000 if the work is being done for any other public entity.

Vendor Complaints

The Contract Compliance & Administration Unit (CCAU) acts as the arbiter of formal complaints filed by State agencies and Cooperative Purchasing Entities against contractors that allegedly fail to comply with the terms, conditions and specification of the awarded contract. Additional information and complaint forms are available on the DPP website.Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here

Send Your Ideas About How We Can Improve

Let us know your ideas, even your problems and complaints, about the Cooperative Purchasing Program so we can better serve you, click here to use our online form.

Contact Us

To contact Cooperative Purchasing with questions or information requests click here.

Last Updated: Monday, 08/19/13

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