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The "One Stop Shopping" initiative was created in 1999 to simplify reporting requirements for New Jersey businesses. Forms have been consolidated, payment methods expanded, and services enhanced for registering businesses. The following are some of the highlights of this initiative:

  • The Division of Revenue in the Department of the Treasury is now the single point of entry for registration and for filing and paying gross income tax withheld and other payroll taxes previously sent to the Department of Labor (unemployment, disability, workforce development and health care contributions).

  • Employers now need to file only one form with the Division of Revenue to register with the Division of Taxation and the Division of Employer Accounts (formerly UI/DI Financing) in the Department of Labor.

  • The Division of Employer Accounts and the Division of Taxation now use the same Employer Identification Number. This means that New Jersey businesses need only one number when corresponding with either agency.

  • The Department of Labor no longer requires a separate NJ Registration number for unemployment and disability insurance purposes. The Federal Employer Identification Number is now the basic identifier.

  • A consolidated form, "Employer's Quarterly Report," (NJ-927) replaces the forms previously used to report income tax withheld for the Division of Taxation and the report of employer contributions for the Division of Employer Accounts. Employers now submit one report and one check to satisfy their reporting requirements with both agencies.

  • The Division of Employer Accounts' "Employer Report of Wages Paid" (WR-30) will remain a separate form and the data to be reported will remain the same. The form itself is being redesigned in order to make the most efficient use of the Division of Revenue's scanning and imaging equipment.
Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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