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If you need to correct information on a quarterly employer return, you may file an amended return online to correct your filing. This applies to the Wage Reporting (WR-30) and Employer Quarterly (NJ927, NJ927W) reports. To amend a Sales Tax (ST-50) return that was already submitted either electronically or by paper, you will need to file a paper document.

For Online Filers
Remember that when you file online, you will receive a confirmation of the filing. If you did not receive this confirmation, most likely the return was not received electronically and processed. You may check your online file by logging in again. If the screen shows the confirmation page with the date filed, you will need to file an amended return to make any changes for the quarter. If the screen does not indicate a date filed, you may try to file online again.

To amend the WR-30 online, you will need to logon using your PIN. You may use the online service for all periods beginning in 2003 to the present.

NJ-927 (W)
You may amend the employer quarterly report online by using the PIN from your quarterly mailing to logon. The online service may be used to amend any previously filed NJ-927 or NJ-927W. If you cannot file online, a paper return may be submitted. You may use the form that was sent to you in the quarterly packet. Write "AMENDED" on the front of the form. If you do not have a return, you may call the Division of Revenue's Client Registration activity at 609.292.9292 to have another return sent to you. If you do not receive a form, you may also submit all of the information in a letter. Be sure to include the Business Name, Tax ID#, Tax Type, Tax Period, and a contact name and telephone number in the letter.

Send it to:
State of New Jersey NJ-927
PO Box 632
Trenton, NJ 08646-0632
State of New Jersey NJ-927W
PO Box 633
Trenton, NJ 08646-0633

Information on amending a sales tax return is available from the NJ Division of Taxation website.

You may also amend your sales tax return by telephone if you originally filed the return by telephone. Online service to amend a quarterly sales tax return is also available.

Send it to:
State of NJ-S&U
PO Box 999
Trenton, NJ 08646-0999

Last Updated: Monday, 06/11/18

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