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Status reports are informational documents that reflect the status of a registered business entity. Information reflected on these reports includes the business status, business addresses, registered agent information, associated names such as previous names, officer and director's information, and filing history. The fee is $6.25 for each report. These documents may be obtained online.

You may also order these reports by writing to the NJ Division of Revenue, PO Box 452, Trenton, NJ 08646. Courier deliveries should be sent to NJ Division of Revenue, Customer Information Unit, 33 West State Street 5th Fl., Trenton, NJ 08608. FAX Filing is available at 609.984.6855.

Expedited service providing processing within 8.5 business hours is available for these filings received by FAX, in person, or by Courier Service. The fee for this optional service is $15.00 per transaction for corporations, non-profits and LPs, and $25.00 per transaction for LLCs and LLPs. This fee is in addition to other charges.

Fees for report(s) requested, at the same time are as follows:

Corporations, non-profits, LPs LLCs and LLPs
One report-$5.00 plus $15.00;

One report-$5.00 plus $25.00;

Two reports-$10.00 plus $15.00; Two reports-$10.00 plus $25.00;
Three reports-$15.00 plus $15.00;  Three reports-$15.00 plus $25.00; 
Four reports-$20.00 plus $20.00; Four reports-$20.00 plus $30.00;
Five reports-$25.00 plus $20.00;    Five reports-$25.00 plus $30.00;
Six reports-$30.00 plus $20.00; Six reports-$30.00 plus $30.00;
Seven reports-$35.00 plus $25.00; Seven reports-$35.00 plus $35.00; 
Eight reports-$40.00 plus $25.00;   Eight reports-$40.00 plus $35.00;
Nine reports- $45.00 plus $25.00;

Nine reports- $45.00 plus $35.00;  

Ten reports-$50.00 plus $30.00. Ten reports-$50.00 plus $40.00.    

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Last Updated: Thursday, 06/11/15

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