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A Business Registration Certificate serves two purposes:
  • For public contracting, as proof of valid business registration with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. All contractors and subcontractors must provide this documentation when seeking to do business with the State of New Jersey, and other public agencies in this state. Proof of registration is also required for licensure with the Casino Control Commission.

  • To comply with Chapter 85, P.L. 2006, defined under N.J.S.A. 54A:7-1.2. You must use the Business Registration Certificate if you are an unincorporated construction contractor performing work in NJ or you are a registered unincorporated contractor requesting proof of certification.

If you are a registered vendor but have not received the Business Registration Certificate in the mail, you may obtain a certificate online. Please note that this certificate is not required by all businesses in New Jersey, but only those doing business with the public sector and with the casino service industry.

You may check the online registration inquiry to determine if the business is already registered.If you have not registered but are required to have this certificate, you will need to complete Form NJ-REG. Representatives of the Division's Client Registration activity are available to assist in the registration process by calling 609.292.9292.

Filing Form NJ-REG

In most cases, you may submit Form NJ-REG online. Exceptions and additional requirements include:

  • Any business including an out-of-state business contracting with public agencies in New Jersey or with nexus in New Jersey, operating as a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company or limited liability partnership must first obtain legal authority to operate in this State prior to submitting Form NJ-REG. Generally, this is accomplished by filing a Certificate of Incorporation or Formation with the Division. You may wish to review information concerning getting registered to assist with this process.

  • Individuals or Unincorporated Construction Contractors with no business tax or employer obligations may register using Form Reg-A instead of Form NJ-REG in order to obtain the Business Registration Certificate. Individuals who have created and are operating as a business entity (e.g. LLC) may not use Form REG-A.

  • Non-profit organizations although required to register for tax purposes are not subject to the proof of registration requirement when contracting with public agencies in this state.

Public Contracts

When seeking a public contract, an affirmative action report (Form AA-302) will also be required. The Certificate of Registration may not be used as evidence of compliance with the affirmative action requirements and submitted in lieu of Form AA-302. Both forms will be required. The Division of Contract Compliance and Equal Employment Opportunity in Public Contracts provides guidelines for awarded public contracts. In addition, answers to frequently asked questions are provided by the Division of Local Government. While designed for local government contracting, the FAQ page contains guidance that it is applicable to most New Jersey government procurement activities.

Last Updated: Monday, 11/05/18

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