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To gain a better understanding of New Jersey's filing and registration process, please review the following:

Selecting a Business Structure

Business Filing and Registration Guide (What you must submit to the State of New Jersey to Begin Business Operations)

Overview of Online Business Entity Filing Process

Overview of Online Business Registration Process

Important Information About A New Business Entity's Responsibilities

Overall Requirement to Register


Overview of Online Business Entity Filing Process

The online process involves five (5) steps:

Item 1 – Choice of Name and Entity Type – You will choose a business name for which an automatic check for name availability will be performed and choose of an entity type from a list of legally recognized business entities.

Item 2 – Entry of Filing Details – You will enter the basic information required by New Jersey law in accordance with the entity type selected.

Item 3 – Online Signature – You and any other authorized person(s) submitting the online filing will be asked to confirm your intent to execute (sign) the online transaction.

Item 4 – Payment - You will be asked to pay via e-check, credit card or depository account debit payment. You will receive an online payment authorization as part of the payment process. If you intend to use the service on a recurring basis, you will be given the option of receiving a customer number and storing your credit card information fopr future use. The filing fee for each filing is $125. .

Item 5 – Confirmation – After your payment has cleared, you will receive an online confirmation of your filing. A stamped original filing certificate will be mailed to the registered office address of the new entity within three business days following the successful completion of the online transaction.

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Overview of Online Business Registration Process

The online registration covers the initial tax/employer registration for ALL types of businesses. The process constructs your initial tax/employer file by allowing you to enter identification and classification information and then by posing a series of questions relating to business tax and employer activities. The nature of your business and the types of activities you are engaged in will determine the number of questions you will have to answer. Once you have registered through the online service, we will insure that you receive the forms, returns, instructions, and other information needed to comply with New Jersey tax and employer laws.

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Business Entity's Basic Responsibilities


Business entities are subject to various New Jersey taxes – for example, corporate business, sales, and withholding taxes, based on their composition and business activities. For more information on New Jersey State taxes, visit the NJ Division of Taxation's web site, or call (609) 292-6400.

We strongly recommend that you register your new business entity for taxes immediately after filing with the Division of Revenue. You may register for taxes online or download the consolidated tax and employer registration form (NJ-REG). You may register using your Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN), which you must obtain from the Internal Revenue Service (Form SS-4), or use yur social security number if you have applied for and are waiting issuance of your FEIN.

     Employer Responsibilities

Employers are responsible for insurance requirements such as temporary disability and workers’ compensation, as well as for unemployment contributions and reporting. For information on these items, visit the New Jersey Department of Labor's web site or call (609) 633-6400.

We strongly recommend that you register your new business entity for employer purposes either immediately after or no later than 60 days after filing with the Division of Revenue. You may register for employer purposes at the time that you register for taxes via our online service or download the consolidated tax and employer registration form (NJ-REG).

     Annual Reports

All corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships (domestic or foreign) must submit annual reports and associated filing fees each year. The annual fees are:

$50.00 for all corporations, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships;

$50.00 for all limited liability companies; and

$25.00 for all non-profits.

Click here for more information on annual reports, or call (609) 292-9292.

     Other Items of Interest

New Jersey - Taking Care of Business

Professional and Occupational Licensing

Assistance for Businesses

Local (County/Municipal) Contacts

Work Force New Jersey (Employer Information)

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Overall Requirement to Register

 All businesses must register for tax and employer purposes -- either through the online service, or by filing Form NJ-REG. This requirement applies to proprietorships, partnerships, corporations (and all other legal business entities), and unincorporated entities engaged in the conduct or practice of any trade, business, profession, or occupation, whether full time or part time, within the State of New Jersey. The registration requirement also applies to "name holder" and dormant corporations, as well as to owners of tangible personal property used by a business located in New Jersey or leased to another business entity in New Jersey. Persons commencing a business or opening additional places of business must register at least 15 business days prior to commencement or opening.

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