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Online Uniform Commercial Code Search Manual

This manual is designed to provide clients with a descriptive overview of New Jersey's online Uniform Commercial Code search service.

The New Jersey Division of Revenue administers the State's UCC search service. By using the Division's service, clients may obtain certificates showing all effective financing statements for a named debtor, as well as copies of the original documents filed with the Division. The documents contain collateral descriptions.

In providing this manual, the Division hopes to increase the client's understanding of the UCC search process, and thereby facilitate the prompt and accurate processing of search requests.

Overview of Search Service
Description of Data Base Search
Description of Image Output (Photocopy) Service

Overview of Search Service

The UCC search service is based on a sophisticated data management system and a custom-designed search process. These tools are linked with an optical disk image processing system that allows for automated retrieval and printing of UCC documents.

Searches are based on debtor name or debtor name/debtor address pairings. 

The search process yields several interrelated products:

-A search certificate showing all effective filings for a named debtor;
-A "No Record" certificate in cases where the data base does not contain an entry for the named debtor; and
-Copies of filings (images of original filings and changes/amendments).

The online search will display all search results and assign a unique search number to each completed search. The certified search certificate and photocopies will be produced at the Division's Business Support Services' office and sent to the location you specify online. All certificates and photocopies ordered via the online search will be sent out within 48 hours of receipt.


Description of Data Base Search Process

The online UCC search process allows for the entry of a single debtor name or debtor name/address pair (Address = City in NJ).

On the debtor name, the online search logic eliminates spaces, puctuation marks and noise words, such as business designators, from the search (e.g., "Inc." "Ltd.", etc.). The search logic automatically searches for leading articles -- "The", and "An", each time a search is executed.  On address, the process searches for exact matches.

For personal names -- e.g., "John Quincy Smith", you may wish to enter: first and last names only ("John Smith"); first/middle/last ("John Quincy Smith"; first/middle initial/last ("John Q Smith"); or first initial/middle initial/last ("J Q Smith").  You narrow or broaden your search terms to obtain the desired result.


Description of Image Output (Photocopy) Service 

The photocopy service is linked directly with the data base system. Clients can obtain photocopies of effective filings associated with the named debtor by indicating their desire to receive photocopies on the online search request.

Two basic options are available:

-Comprehensive coverage -- Copies of all original filings (UCC-1's) and changes (UCC-3's). 

-Limited coverage -- First page of each UCC-1 and UCC-3.



The fee for each debtor name search is $25.00. The fee for each photocopy document is $1.00. Depending on the chosen search option, the total fee may be variable.

You may choose one of the following payment options:

- Credit Card -- VISA/MASTER CARD, American Express or Discover.

- Depository Account

(The Division plans to add an electronic check option in the near future.)