The New Jersey Division of Revenue is offering this service in order to streamline the business registration process. The on-line application covers the initial tax/employer registration for ALL types of businesses. It helps you construct your initial tax/employer file by allowing you to enter identification and classification information and then by posing a series of questions relating to business tax and employer activities. The nature of your business and the types of activities you are engaged in will determine the number of questions you will have to answer. Once you have registered through the on-line service, we will insure that you receive the forms, returns, instructions, and other information needed to comply with New Jersey tax and employer laws.

All businesses must register with the Division of Revenue (either through this on-line service, or by filing form (NJ-REG). This requirement applies to proprietorships, partnerships, corporations (and all other legal business entities), and unincorporated entities engaged in the conduct or practice of any trade, business, profession, or occupation, whether full time or part time, within the State of New Jersey. The registration requirement also applies to “name holder” and dormant corporations, as well as to owners of tangible personal property used by a business located in New Jersey or leased to another business entity in New Jersey. Persons commencing a business or opening additional places of business must register at least 15 business days prior to commencement or opening.

If you are registering a business entity (corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or limited liability partnership), remember you are also subject to public records filing requirements. Generally, you are required to file initial formation or authorization documents with the Division’s Business Support Services Bureau (Commercial Recording). You should check to insure that you have filed the appropriate documents with the Bureau.

There is no fee for tax/employer registration.

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