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Important Announcement regarding Credit Card Convenience Fees

Effective July 1, 2015, credit card payments will be subject to a convenience fee for several online legal business filing services offered by the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services.  These online services include Standing Certificates, Annual Reports and Business Reinstatements, Business Endings, and Amended Certificates of Incorporation.   The services will continue to offer an electronic payment option that does not include a convenience fee.  For additional information regarding these services, please contact DORES’s Business Tax Hotline at 609-292-9292.

The following table lists the most common methods of dissolution, cancellation and withdrawal for each business entity type. It provides links to our Online Business Endings and Cancellation service, which encompasses the filings required to remove a business from the State’s tax and commercial registries.

If you wish to use our online service, be prepared to enter your filing credentials: 10 digit identification number; business type (LLC, LP, corporation, etc.); and the month and year your business was originally formed or authorized to do business in New Jersey. Be aware that in order to file, your business must be in good legal standing with the State (that is, not revoked or voided for noncompliance with State annual reporting or tax laws). The online filing system will check your business standing automatically after you enter your filing credentials. Select an option from the table below to view the method(s) of dissolution, cancellation or withdrawal that apply to your business. Review the information on Tax Clearance requirements and eligibility. Click on the on-line filing link when you are ready to file.
Method Tax
Rules for
This Method?
Governing Statute
(Be sure to
review the law
before filing.)
On-line Filing Link
For-Profit Corporations (Domestic, New Jersey)
For-Profit Corporations (Foreign, Out of State)
Limited Liability Companies (Domestic and Foreign)
Limited Liability Partnerships (Domestic and Foreign)
Limited Partnerships (Domestic, New Jersey)
Limited Partnerships (Foreign, Out of State)
Non-Profit Corporations (Domestic, New Jersey)
Non-Profit Corporations (Foreign, Out of State)

IMPORTANT NOTES: The online service enables most businesses to complete their cancellations, dissolutions and withdrawal transactions in real time, in a single session.

For assistance with the online service, contact the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Service by e-mail or call 609.292.9292.

Access the manual forms for business endings

Last Updated: Monday, 06/11/18

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