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Wage Reporting
Beginning with the first quarter 2009, ALL employers must file their quarterly wage reporting information (Form WR-30) electronically. This rule is a result of provisions in the Administrative Code 12:16-13-7.

Currently there are two options to file electronically. You choose the one that is best for your business. Both of these options will provide cost savings and increased accuracy in the transmittal of information.

No paper reports are to be submitted when filing electronically.

Online SFTP Filing

Using your PC and the PIN number indicated in your quarterly packet, update the employee information that is online.

You may complete the job in one or multiple sessions by saving the information.

When you are through updating the data, submit it. You will be provided a real time confirmation in this secured site. File online now.

Amended returns may also be filed online.

Before filing by this method, you will need authorization.

The Request for Authorization to Report WR-30 Electronically can be downloaded and faxed to the Division for processing. This document is usually processed within 24 hours.

A test file must be submitted and approved. Record specifications are available by clicking layout format.

Please call 609.292.9292 if you have any questions concerning these methods.

The WR-30 is a controlled form and cannot be downloaded from the web. The general instructions for the WR-30, however, are available online.

Employers of domestic or household employees are required to annually report wage information

Last Updated: Wednesday, 07/30/14

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